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Product Description: Amazingly powerful WordPress review plugin to create reviews with very less efforts and get higher place in search results. It helps to create full review website easily.

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Looking for WordPress review plugin? Want to make a perfect review website with WordPress? Don’t worry. WP REVIEW PRO is the all-in-one review plugin for this purpose. You can create a full customizable review site, partial review site and affiliate site with this plugin. Our honest WP Review Pro plugin review will surely help you, for choosing the best review plugin.


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WP REVIEW PRO REVIEW: In the WordPress Paradigm, you have tons of plugins available to implement the reviews feature. Every plugin comes with different features and not all are the same and match our core needs.

The plugin, WP Review Pro from MyThemeShop, has been a word among the affiliate website users these days for its robustness, extensible design, security, and support. Since the plugin has got a facelift, let’s understand and dig out more of its features.

Overview for WP REVIEW PRO Plugin

WP Review Pro Review
WP Review Pro Review

The WordPress Review Pro Plugin is a power-packed tool that comes with various features, templates, short-codes etc. So, it is obvious to be on the fence when it comes to buying the plugin.

In this article, we will have a detailed look at the insights of the plugin and go through all the options and settings the plugin has to offer its users.

To help you make the decision, we provide you with a detailed review of the WordPress Plugin.

So, here in this review of WordPress Review Pro, we will list all its features, pricing, setup method, templates, short-codes, and their uses.

And in the end, the conclusion will let you take the decision of buying this plugin or not.

Let’s begin the review now.!

What Can This Plugin Do?

Basically, the WordPress Review Pro Plugin is like any other product review plugin that drives the customer to the “Buy now” button. The WordPress Plugin Review helps in creating beautiful, mobile friendly, information-packed, and high converting reviews that help the customers in making buying decisions.

But there’s something more about this plugin that makes it stand out from any other plugin available in the market. Let’s read on to find out.

Why WP Review Pro Plugin?

To answer this question, we will list out a few things you should know about the WordPress Review Pro Plugin that makes it better than any other Review Plugin.

There are many reasons that make it superior to others, but some of the main reasons are:

  • Design: WordPress Review Pro has been specifically designed to be the most powerful yet simple to use the plugin. The design includes tons of features in the plugin that are invaluable in reviewing the products. Ease-of-use is the protocol of this plugin.
  • Customization Ability: The user has access to a lot of templates and other customization abilities. Apart from customization, the user has complete freedom to create a set of default settings that can be used for all the reviews the user creates. These settings can be individually overridden as well as allowing the user to have complete control while minimizing effort.
  • Speed: Any plugin usually performs well, but the best is the one that performs well when thousands of visitors are visiting the site and the traffic is quite high. And, to make sure the users don’t complain about the speed, WP Review Pro has been designed to have amazing performance capabilities.
  • Security: You don’t have to worry about this aspect when buying this plugin as this product is as secure as a fort and follows WordPress security standards to the core.
  • Support: No matter you are reaching out the support to install or understand the plugin, the competent and much professional staff of WP Review Pro is all ears to help you out 24/7.

Features of WP Review Pro Plugin

WordPress Review Pro Plugin has a set of a huge number of features that the user can go gaga over.

  1. Support For Rich Snippets (14 Types): Regardless of what you are reviewing, WordPress Review Pro is a perfect review plugin. Be it products, books, movies, games or anything else, you can get the process of reviewing immaculately done. The plugin supports 14 types of snippets.

    Example of Rich Snippet or Schema in Google SERP
    Example of Rich Snippet in Google
  2. 16 Predefined Designs: WordPress Review Pro plugin ships with 16 pre-defined templates that the user can start using immediately after purchasing it. There are options to customize the template to match your brand’s aesthetics. One live example is the review you’re reading right now, i.e. WP Review Pro Review others are 000WebHost Review, CamScanner Review and many more.
  3. Multiple Rating System by WP Review Pro PluginMultiple Rating Systems: Different products require different types of reviews, and this plugin is ready for all of them. You’ve got different options of reviewing such as a star, percentage, point, circle, and thumbs-up ratings. (See Image for example of different types of ratings)
  4. User Comment Rating and Review: Showcase your reader’s opinion about the products you review with the WP Review Pro plugin. Users have got the freedom to rating the features, commenting on the reviews and even marking other’s comments as helpful or not. See live example below in comment section on this site and leave your valuable review and rating also.
  5. Compatible With Any WordPress Theme: The plugin is designed by following certain WordPress standards that makes it compatible with every WordPress theme out there.
  6. Integration Facility: The WordPress Review Pro Plugin also allows the following integration facilities: (1) Google’s Places Review Integrated: Google is a trusted brand and people trust Google Reviews, so you are available with an option of leveraging that trust by using the WP Review Pro plugin. (2) Yelp Reviews Integrated: Yelp features the reviews of hundreds and thousands of business brands. Using this feature, you can tap and import any of the reviews on your website. (3) Facebook Reviews Integrated: With this, embedding Facebook Reviews on to your website is a breeze. It’s so simple and quick, you won’t believe your eyes.
  7. WooCommerce Integration: Reviews are a vital part of any e-commerce store. WP Review Pro helps you boost the conversion of your store by using this feature.
  8. Comparison Table: How about letting your user know the difference between two or more products through a comparison table? This feature lets you create a comparison table and compare the features and prices of multiple products. This lets your visitors make the buying decisions and helps you boost your affiliate income easily.

    Comparison Table By WP Review Pro Review
    Comparison Table
  9. Pop-up and Notification Bar: The WP Review Pro’s pop-up and notification bar feature will increase your Click rate and views on your reviews. With this feature, you can promote multiple related reviews on your website. Both these pop up and notification bar features are active on this post, so you can see live demo here on TricksTalks.
  10. Advanced Options Panel: With this feature, configuring the WP Review Pro in any way is quite easy. It lists the settings, options, and configurations in a user-friendly fashion.
  11. Mobile Friendly: Being mobile-friendly is mandatory these days and bearing that in mind, the WP Review Pro is designed with the mobile-first approach. Any review created will look immaculate on mobile screens.
  12. Optimized For Speed: Increase in your website’s load time even for seconds can drastically affect the bottom line. The optimized architecture of WP Review Pro ensures that it loads blazing fast on any website.
  13. Clean and Secure Code: A single security vulnerability can wipe out years of efforts. This Plugin protects against any kind of security issues with the optimized, clean and secure code.
  14. Translation Ready: Create reviews in any language of your choice with the WP Review Pro. The Plugin is fully translatable and follows the WordPress’s translation guidelines which makes it easy and secure to translate.
  15. Developer Friendly: It is packed with powerful features and is also extendable. Developers can create custom templates for the reviews and use various filters to customize the plugin.
  16. 24/7 Support From MyThemeShop: The dedicated, experienced and professional staff of WordPress experts backs up the WP Review Pro. The Premium help support staff is available to assist the user anytime, anywhere, any day, 24/7/365.
  17. Custom Widgets: You can use the widgets to add a variety of reviews to the footer, sidebar, and other enabled areas of your website. It adds 10 custom designed widgets to your website.
  18. Multi-site Option: Whether a single website or a host of websites, the WP Review Pro Plugin lets you create stunning reviews with the WordPress multi-site support option. You can use the plugin on multiple websites simultaneously.
  19. Custom Images For Rating: Let the WP Review Pro speak the language of your website by customizing images for ratings. Upload a custom icon and rate your product with custom ratings.
  20. Add Text Along With Star Ratings: How about adding a text alongside the ratings? It helps you with that in an immaculate manner. Do it with this plugin to explain your ratings, provide feedback and provide something engaging for the user.
  21. Brand New Templates: Make your reviews familiar and trusted instantly by using the Facebook-inspired template. More on this later within this WP Review Pro Review.
  22. Role Manager Option: With powerful Role Management abilities inside, manage your website and its authors with ease. This feature can be used to program with meticulous detail about what each manager does and can perform for your website. You can customize everyone’s role and keep full control with you.
  23. Thumbnail Selection Option: Get clicks to reviews by selecting some really attractive thumbnails for your reviews. The thumbnails appear on various search engine feeds and give your website the competitive edge it needs.
  24. Google Product Review Feed Support: It fully supports the Google Product Review Feed and also supercharges the feed with other additional metadata, which is displayed as on the search results.

Documentation of  This Plugin – WP Review Pro Review

The WP Review Pro Plugin comes from the very famous MyThemeShop, so you can expect great documentation. Like they say “A well-documented product saves lots of time”, the documentation of it when visited will let you find your way to get the desired information much easier than you can ever expect.

Talking about the insights of documentation, it can be said that the documentation provides detailed information about every feature and also contains demos for almost all the features. It also provides some useful links and references for additional help.

WP Review Pro Review – Pricing and License Purchase Plans

Talking about the pricing of WordPress Review Pro, it can be said that it is “Worthy For The Price”. You have three different plans to choose from, and each plan varies from the other in terms of cost and features included.

The below table tabulates the information of three different plans:

Price$0$67 For Single site$19/ month
AccessibilityTest the essential features of WP Review Pro risk-freeUnleash the full power with a wide range of features of WP Review ProCombine the prowess of WP Review Pro with other 150 products

Since the plugin is developed by the MyThemeShop, you can get it from there at annual subscriptions.

You’ve got different licenses for the accessibility of a number of sites. The below table provides you with complete information on the licenses and their pricing for annual subscriptions.

LicenseSubscription Price
License For 1 site$67.00
License For 5 sites$87.00
License For 10 sites$97.00

You can choose from the above licenses depending on your requirements. The pricing seems expensive but is really worthy, as this essential tool helps you get more conversions. However, any success will ask for a little investment; so, it’s all worth every penny spent at the end of the day.

Payment methods supported by the service are Credit Cards and PayPal. One of the best things about WP Review Pro is that it assures you a 30 days money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with the service.

Quick Installation Guide for WP Review Pro Plugin

Below is step by step guide to install and setup of this plugin. Setting up it is super easy. Once you are done with purchasing the copy of the Plugin, install it like any other WordPress Plugin and you are good to review the very first product.

Follow the below steps for quick installation:

Step 1 – Head to the WP Review Pro Product Page and grab the copy of it. If you want, you can also try the free version and download it from the WordPress Plugins repository. Now, it’s time to head to the next step.

Step 2 – After the plugin is downloaded, head towards the Plugins section, click on Add New in the WordPress Dashboard. And click on Upload Plugin, then Select the .zip file and hit the install button, and stroll around for a few minutes as it will take a little time to get ready.

Upload and Install the WP Review Pro Plugin

Step 3 – Woohoo! Done with the installation and activation, now you are all-ready go with the product reviewing.

  • Create a new post
  • Find the review information
  • Add features, rate them, add a review and hit publish.

Just three simple steps to get started and you are good to go!

Try playing around with the global settings in the dashboard or an individual post to show ratings according to the requirements.

Procedure For Creating Reviews on Your Review Website:

Creating reviews with the WordPress Review Pro Plugin is nothing but importing the existing reviews from the six most popular review plugins. Currently it supports importing from following six review plugins but more plugins will be added in future.

The process of importing reviews is easy, but you will be regretting if you don’t have a backup of your website’s database. So, make sure that you have a backup of your database if you are moving to import reviews.

The procedure of creating/importing reviews involves:

Step 1 – Login to the admin area of the website, head to the Settings section and select “WordPress Review Pro”.

Go to Settings and Select WP Review Pro

Step 2 – Now head to the “Import Reviews” section.

Go to Import Reviews

Step 3 – Select the existing supported plugin, for example WP Product Review from the drop-down menu.

Select Previous Review Plugin To Import to WP Review Pro

Step 4 – Click “Ok” on the confirmation box to start importing.

Click OK to start importing

That’s it! A message box appears confirming the process while displaying the number of reviews imported.

Reivews imported successfully to WP Review Pro Plugin

Note: While the importing process takes few minutes, do not close the browser, refresh the page or navigate from one page to other.

Review Templates – WP Review Pro Review

This plugin provides the users with a wide range of templates. It can be said that every visitor has got a choice of templates according to their taste here.

Templates from WP Review Pro

Let’s have a look at the various templates offered by WP Review Pro:

DefaultA simple template with neutral colors and works well with every kind of website.
AmazonInspired by Amazon and works well with Amazon Affiliate websites.
AquaA stylish one with beautiful typography and luring colors works with all types of websites.
BlueA simple yet attractive template that focuses on product ratings and feature ratings.
DarksideA dark colored theme perfect for gaming and similar blogs.
DashA simple template with symmetric designs and focuses on all areas of reviews.
EdgeA color-block based design and bright colored template with sharp and clean edges.
EnterpriseA corporate theme template with subtle colors and is perfect for corporate blogs.
FacebookA simple and trustworthy layout inspired by Facebook’s colors.
FizzyA stylish template with attractive colors that work well with all kinds of websites.
GamerWith bold and striking highlights, this template is perfect for gaming and similar websites.
GravityA template with a star-rating based system and eye-catching colors.
ShellA template with elegant contrasting colors and minimalistic yet gentle design.
TabbedA bold template with dark looks and striking colors.
Tabbed 2Easy customizable template with structured design and luring colors.
XiaomiInspired by a technology giant, this is an attractive template perfect for reviews of electronics.
ZineA template with vibrant colors and beautiful typography used for all types of reviews.

Click Here To View Live Demo of All Types of Templates

WP Review Pro Short Codes And How To Use Them

Shortcodes make things easier than you expect. The WordPress Review Pro provides a set of Shortcodes that are quite handy and are easy to use as well.

Let’s learn what these shortcodes are and how each of them can be used.

Firstly, login to your website’s admin section, go to “Posts” and then click on “Add New”.

Select Add New from the Dashboard to create New Review Post

Later, A new page opens and a toolbar appears with various icons. Click on the “Star” icon and you will get the access to various shortcodes available.

Click on the Star Icon for shortcodes

The below table tabulates various shortcodes provided by the WordPress Review Pro Plugin, showcases the use of each of them, and also explains how to use these shortcodes.

ShortcodeUseHow to use
Review BoxTo insert an already existing review in any post or page.- Click on “Review Box”
- Enter the Review ID (Found in the section where the WP Review Pro begins)
- Click on “Insert” to proceed.
Review PostsTo embed multiple reviews from your website into your post.- Click on “Review Posts”
- Fill all the required fields appeared.
- Click on “Insert” to proceed.
Review TotalTo embed the average rating of a review inside your post.- Click on “Reviews Total”
- Enter the Review ID
- Click on “Insert” to proceed.
Visitor RatingTo help you share the visitor rating in any of your posts.- Click on “Visitor Rating”
- Enter the Review ID
- Click on “Insert” to proceed.
Comments RatingTo help you share only the comment rating of a review in your post.- Click on “Comments Rating”
- Enter the Review ID
- Click on “Insert” to proceed.
Yelp Business SearchTo let the users’ find their desired business by inserting this shortcode in your post.- Click on “Yelp Business Search”
- Fill the required fields.
- Click on “Insert” to proceed
Yelp Business Total RatingTo insert the total number of ratings of business on Yelp.- Click on “Yelp Business Total Rating”
- Enter the Business ID (Found in the URL of the business after “/biz”)
- Click on “Insert” to proceed
Yelp Business User ReviewsTo help you embed the user reviews originally posted on Yelp, on your website.- Click on “Yelp Business User Reviews”
- Fill the required fields.
- Click on “Insert” to proceed
Google Place ReviewsTo help you embed Google Place Reviews on your website.- Click on “Google Place Reviews”
- Fill the required fields.
- Click on “Insert” to proceed
Facebook ReviewsTo help you embed Facebook reviews inside your post.- Click on “Facebook Reviews”
- Enter the Page ID and limit (for page ID, log in>About>Page)
- Click on “Insert” to proceed
Comparison TableTo help you create comparison tables for the products.- Click on “Comparison Table”
- Enter the Review ID
- Click on “Insert” to proceed

Review of WP Review Pro WordPress Plugin – The Conclusion

If you have a WordPress affiliate website and you are mostly relying on the SEO traffic, then you can’t find a better review plugin than WP Review Pro. It is fluid, fully responsive, SEO optimized, lightweight, and fully customizable with numerous options to explore.

So, overall, summarizing the WP Review Pro review, we don’t find any serious unfavorable factors for this plugin except the cost. But, if you want to grow your blog and convert more, then you will have to shed your pockets a little bit on this amazing tool that can do wonders for your website. Don’t think, just go for it and Thank us later for recommending it.


  1. WP Review Pro is best review plugin.

    • Compatibilty
    • Desings
    • Support
    • Integration

    Hello, I am using this plugin on my website and it’s really worth every penny spent. I have created many Amazon affiliate sites with help of this review plugin. WordPress and WP review plugin combo is an amazing.
    I also recommend WP Review Pro plugin to build a WordPress review website easily.
    Thanks for sharing review with community. It will help many bloggers to make purchasing decision.

    • Hi Rishi, Thank you very much for sharing your experience and review of this WordPress plugin here. I’m totally agree with you that creating Amazon affiliate site is very easy with WP Review Pro plugin and it’s comparison table feature is my favorite. Thanks again for stopping by, Rishi.


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