Why Does My WiFi Keep Turning off Automatically in Android?

Why Does My WiFi Keep Turning off Automatically in Android? Don’t worry, you’re not alone witht his question, there are hundreds of others who are facing this problem with Android devices.

Sometimes we encounter a problem that WiFi keeps turning off automatically. Sometimes it only happens for a while only and sometimes it can stay permanently on your device. Basically, Wi-Fi is a wireless technology which your radio waves to connect with other devices.

Very often we face the problem that our Wi-fi keeps turning off even when we manually switch it on. These types of connectivity problems in any gadgets can affect yours very adversely. What if we are downloading a very big file which requires a hell lot of time investment.

While downloading the file somewhere very close to the end we lost the connectivity, how disappointed you will feel? Only those can understand, who have encountered such problems like “Why does my Wifi keep turning off” and other such connectivity errors.

Why Does My WiFi Keep Turning off Automatically in Android

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Such connectivity problems can be caused by many ways, among those ways few are hardware issues and few of them are software issues. These types of problems are generally caused by some defect in the Wireless adapter of your device. If you had dropped your device accidentally, then it might happen that your adapter could get some injuries on its hardware and that damage is causing such problems.

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Anyways, no need to worry. we’ve working solutions for this issue “How to Stop WiFi From Turning off Automatically in Android“.

Ways to Fix Wi-Fi Keep Turning off in Android

Method 1- Anti-Virus Install

Are you wondering that neither you have dropped your phone or your device is damaged and then to your Wi-Fi is turning off automatically? Then there is another reason for this issue that you are facing. The reason could be that your device had been attacked by Viruses and malware.

If in case your device is under the attack of viruses and you are worried about the solution my dear readers I am here to help you out. In order to recover your device, you have to either install an antivirus and then have to recover your device or you can go for factory reset option.

Antivirus install

Method 2 – Factory Reset

Factory reset is a good option but make sure that before resetting your device, you have transferred your data from smartphone to any alternative storage as a factory reset will format your system completely.

factory reset

Method 3 – System Software update

Another way to rectify the problem of Wi-fi is that you can update the software of your device or you can update all the apps that are on your device. As sometimes apps that are installed on your device may affect the working of WI-FI adapter.

Why does my Wifi keep turning off

The above mentioned reasons were software issues or hardware issues. But what if your system settings don’t allow your Wi-Fi adapter to work properly. Sometimes our system doesn’t work properly because of our carelessness. Default settings usually create problems in the proper functioning of devices.

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Another Methods to Solve Why Does My WiFi Keep Turning off

For the different version of Androids, there are different steps to solve the problem of Auto Wi-Fi turning off. First of all, let’s begin with the lowest version of Android.

* For Android v2.3

Reading the solution for Android version 2.3 might be very strange for you. You might think that no one in this world is currently using Android v2.3. But my dear readers there may be some one among you using Android v2.3 and facing some connectivity issues. Therefore, neglecting them and just talking about higher version is not my type. I have to take all aspects equally thus let’s discuss the steps to solve the problem “Why does my Wifi keep turning off” on Android version 2.3

  • First of all, go to settings windows by tapping on the setting icon in the app drawer.
  • Once you have opened the settings windows you need to look for Wi-Fi settings and tap on it.
  • Now click on the 3 dots that are there on right corner of setting windows
  • After clicking on the dots, you will get an option named as “Advanced”.
  • Click on that option, after clicking a new window will appear
  • On the new window you will see some options like Wi-Fi sleep time and from there you have to alter the time.

After following the above-mentioned steps carefully, you can easily solve the issues.

* For version 3.0 and Above

Now, talking about the Android users with version 3.0 and above.

  • Tap on the settings icon on your apps drawer. Then you will be in a new window where you will get several options by which you can change the settings.
  • Among those options, you have to tap on the option named as “Wireless networks”.
  • In Wireless Network click on the option named as Advanced and from there you can alter the wife sleep settings.

If you people have followed all the steps that are mentioned above. Then you will be easily get rid of the problem.

Colnclusion For WiFi Keep Turning off Automatically

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Before opting any of the solutions let me tell you that, you have to find the reason due to which your Wi-Fi turns off automatically. Then you have to proceed with the solutions. If you people face any problem regarding the solutions that are mentioned above. Then feel free to ask us via comments. So it is all about “why does my wifi keep turning off“.


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