Here are best ways for you to know who visited and viewed your Facebook profile: Facebook is a world-famous social networking website, through Facebook we humans can communicate with each people via the online mode. Facebook is used to establish our connections all over the world.

If our family member is thousands of miles far away from us, then too via Facebook we can communicate with him. The last upgrade of Facebook makes it capable of providing video call facility. Thus, it attracts more users. Facebook is a great platform to get updated by social programs but maximum people are not using it wisely.

Through Facebook we can increase our knowledge by communicating, we can also share some media like videos, audio clips, documents etc. Facebook also provides some other function or tools through which we secure our account. So that we can come to know who viewed my Facebook profile.

Facebook provides us an option to tell our story to the whole world and gives a platform where can share our feeling. It also maintains the records of recently search peoples.

How To See Who Visited and Viewed Your Facebook Profile

Facebook also gives us option in which we can add our friends and can save our chat with others. Facebook users can also upload the photos and thoughts of our mind over it. Till today, millions of people are using Facebook.

Facebook always asking for our detail whenever we are creating a new account on it. In that account, there will be a profile and this profile will contain all our personal details like from where you are and what you are along with this viewer will get. Thus, it is very important to keep our data safe and secured.

Although any Facebook without profile incomplete as this profile helps to know about the person whom you are sending a request to be your friend or if you got a request then by profile only you will be getting an idea about that person you are sending a friend request. The Facebook profile helps two people to interact with each other easily. So it is very crucial to have an eye on “who viewed my Facebook profile?”.

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The profile contains all things about you and also contains media, photos that you have uploaded earlier or you are planning to upload.

Since we you have noticed that several times I have used that keep an eye on “who viewed my Facebook profile?” But before that make sure you have a decent combination of characters as your password. If you are not having a strong password then the hackers will easily hack your Facebook thus try to opt for a unique password.

After dozens of requests regarding different ways to see who visited my Facebook profiles. I am here with some methods by which you can analyze your Facebook profiles. These methods have been selected after a deep research and are being most trusted.

Methods to Know Who Viewed My Facebook Profile

There are few methods by which we can easily find out who viewed your Facebook profile. So without wasting so much time, let us discuss different methods to see who visited my Facebook profile.

Method 1: – By Facebook profile view extension

Since chrome is having the option to add the different extension and some very helpful extensions are already there available at chrome web store. There exists a Facebook Profile view extension which allows you to see who had viewed my Facebook profile.

Since it’s an extension then you first have to connect your Facebook account and afterward, it will track anyone’s activity on your profile. Record of this extension updates every minute thus you have to wait for a minute at least. Here are some top camera apps for your Android device.

Through this extension, you can get a notification on your notification bar when someone is visiting or watching your Facebook profile. In this extension, you can also see the visitors name on your screen.

Who Visited Your Facebook Profile

Since the name of the visitor is too visible then it is very convenient if any unethical activity happens on your account You can easily trace him and can connect with him.

In order to install the web extension, just visit chrome website and from there you have to look for Facebook profile view extension and add that extension.

After connecting the account with the extension, now you are all set to track introvert activities on your Facebook profile.

Now let’s begin with the second method. Check out ShowBox Alternatives if you love ShowBox like apps or websites.

Method 2: – Using Browser to see Who Views My Facebook Profile

In this second method, all you need is a browser. Make sure your browser is having all the features like flash player and all. Now connect your system with internet connection so that you can open your Facebook ID.

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There in your Facebook account, some names will appear on your timeline bar.

How to See Who Views My Facebook Profile

Now, You have to press Ctrl +U together once you landed on Facebook account. As you will press, a new and a long page will open and there you see some long and complex fonts with different colors. Basically, these are codes and commands.

Then, open the search box by pressing Ctrl + F together and in that search box, you have to type “InitialChatFriendsLIst” without using space. Now, you can see those people who had visited your profile.

But there is the problem in this method that very few of the names will be visible and it is not easy to understand the where names are written.

Although the report will be 100% real So if you have the ability to understand codes then you can go for it.

Method 3: – By Who viewed my Facebook profile app

There is a dedicated app named as “Who viewed my Facebook profile“, it is designed to help the account owner to track who visited their Facebook profile and Facebook users can get this app from Play store easily.

After getting the app in your app drawer you just have to connect this stunning application with your Facebook accounts. Kindly connect that Facebook account of whom you want to track the views.

After connecting the account with your name, automatically the list of persons who viewed your Facebook will appear and now you have to decide how you want to tackle with them.

Who Viewed My Facebook Profile Android App

Summing Up:

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ope all the methods mentioned above are helpful for you to know “who viewed my facebook profile” and they won’t disappoint you. If they then kindly drop a comment. I personally will try to help you out. But these methods that are mentioned above are unofficial, as Facebook doesn’t provide any information to anyone. So, use these apps at your own cost although you will not face any problem.


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    I used this application and I was very pleased. But now I can not find it on Google Play. Can you give me some information? Do you make an update, do you not change his name? Please help me, I really want to use it.
    Thank you!!!

    • Hello Deni, You’re right. I suggest use another methods mentioned above to see who viewed your FB profile.
      I’m sure they will work.
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