Importance of Email Marketing: Why Every Blogger Should Start Building Email List Now

In this post, we will make you understand about importance of email marketing and importance of list building. Let’s start then.

Around 35% of the world population uses email as a means of primary communication, and it’s still growing. With around 200 billion emails being sent daily, it can be said that email is quite popular.

And, hence, email marketing is one powerful way of connecting with anyone.

Email has lately become a big part of daily life. Almost everyone has an email id today and receives n numbers emails a day, out of which a maximum number of emails are read by the users. So, this clearly shows the importance of email marketing and its reach to the end user base.

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Email marketing can be described as a personalized way of reaching out to your customers. You can customize your emails according to the relevant interest of your customers, talk about your company and things going around, ask or their feedback, ask them to fill survey forms and lots more.

Importance of Email Marketing and List Building

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Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why you should concentrate on Email Marketing and start building your email list now.

7 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Beneficial and Unavoidable

  1. Much Effective Than Social Media Marketing: No doubt, Social media is a very vibrant and powerful marketing strategy and is a great channel for interaction and conversion of your audience, but when it comes to actual conversion of customers, email marketing works like no other tool. Email marketing still gives the highest percentage of conversions online.
  2. Highly Customizable As Per Requirements: Unlike other means of advertising like TV, Radio, Posters etc., emails can be personalized based on your customer’s behavior. You can segment all of your audience into separate lists, and send customized emails that can easily connect with the user. These personalized emails increase your revenue easily, as they are able to connect with the audience in a more natural way, which is quite not possible even on social media, where you address all of your audience as a whole. But via email marketing, you can address each of your audience individually and personally, and the mail can be tailored thoughtfully for each individual. This way, you can build your own pace with existing users, past users as well as upcoming leads, as you can have a direct interaction with them in their personal inbox, at their convenient time.
  3. Reaching Out on Any Device: Emails are easily accessible to the audience, no matter which device they might be using. The mail instantly makes a place in the audience’s inbox, be it a mobile, tablet, laptop, PC or anything. This makes email marketing instantaneous and works on the go, anywhere, anytime. Research reveals that more than 90% of the users access their emails via smartphones for easy and instant communication, which is a win-win situation for email marketers.
  4. Too Much Cost Effective: It is not only easy but cheap. It lets you reach a large number of audiences at almost no cost per mail. Email marketing can be very economical for all the small business owners that are working on a low budget as it helps increase your followers without any advertisement expenses. Studies also reveal that a majority of business owners in the US consider email marketing to be the best and most effective form of generating conversion. Not only can you create a great imagery without much expense over the email, but it also makes following up easy and effortless.
  5. Heavily Action Oriented: With a personalized email landing up in the user’s inbox, you can ask them to – provide a feedback, reply, forward, sign-up, give a few clicks or thumbs up, or even buy stuff. Since emails are action-oriented, you can easily use this as a tool to increase traffic at your website, gain more audience, and drive more sales. Email marketing provides instant results with much fewer efforts.
  6. Helps Generate Sales: Though not every mail you send your audience needs to be a sales pitch, it is still one of the most effective sale generating tactics. Along with providing something of value in your email regularly, you can occasionally hit the target with a pitch and generate sales. Email marketing is a way of being connected with your audience and keeping them connected to your bran. But, at the end of the day, your business is about making sales, and email marketing can help you a great deal with it if used properly. Allowing the user to interact or perform certain actions lets them turn into a loyal customer and helps build trust, which in turn works in your benefit.
  7. Can Be Easily Measured: With the use of a proper email marketing software, you can keep a track on who opened your mail, how many links were clicked, how many new followers you have gained and how many people unsubscribed. This way, you can easily get a proper idea about how well your email marketing is working, and how effective it is proving to be. With the help of these tools, you can also get to know, to what kind of emails does the audience give a better response. Is it the subject line, or the intro, or the offers provided, or what gives the audience a kick, which you can use in your further emails for more improvement.

Here is a beginner’s guide to email marketing by Neil Patel, if you’ve now got the kick to learn email marketing.

Why Bloggers should start building Email List now

It can be said that the email list a blogger possesses is the most powerful asset they can have because if built carefully, it provides a direct access with the audience on a personal level.

Building a targeted email list is very important. Never let any single opportunity of getting more readers on the list go out of your hands. Just make sure that your emails are warm, friendly and are engaging.

Having a proper email list helps you create highly adaptable content based on the kind of users you have on your list. So, pick the users carefully, and keep adding them into your list to increase your customer base and sales.

If not anything else, email marketing at least gives you an opportunity to work on the push/pull marketing theory. If it is not able to successfully pull customers towards your business, it will at the least push them to be one-time visitors, providing you a few clicks and helping increase your traffic.

Email marketing is one of the easiest ways of marketing with adaptable and personalized content for each of your customer. And, most importantly, it is mostly either free or inexpensive.

You must read a post by Brian Dean on how to build an email list to get the detailed idea about importance of email marketing and list building.

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So, as a blogger start with these simple steps and you will eventually find out for yourself why email marketing is an important online marketing strategy.

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