How To Open Closed Tabs in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

How to Open Closed Tabs? Are you searching a lot but couldn’t find the link that you have visited one week ago? Sometimes we might have accidentally closed some important tabs, those tabs might have connected to several websites.  Sometimes we might have forgotten to bookmark the websites and after 1 month you need to visit them.

Unfortunately, you forgot the URL of that specific website. You might get some other tricks too which may not work. Whereas, tricks mentioned below are completely working and are fully trusted. We are 100% sure that our tricks will work for “How to Open Closed Tabs“.

How To Open Closed Tabs in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

How to Open Closed Tabs in Chrome and Firefox Browser

To help you, my dear readers, we are here providing you some tips by which you can re-open the earlier closed tabs in Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. If you people have any problem then you can drop comments bellows so that we can discuss a bit, on the issues faced by our Innocent Readers.

How to open closed tabs in Google Chrome? 

The maximum number of PC users use to surf on Google Chrome. You might be having a habit of opening dozens of tabs in one browser.  Sometimes you want to close a tab and due to some reasons (lack of concentrate), you terminate another tab. After identifying your mistake, every time you use to regret and unfortunately you couldn’t do anything but now, you need not regret. How to open closed tabs? We will share many answer of this question.

Basically, there are two methods among which first is to rectify our latest mistake of closing the wrong tab. Whereas another one is capable of restoring tab that we closed even months ago, but there is a condition in 2nd Method if you have cleared your browsing history and then you want to reopen an older tab then it won’t be possible to execute this thought.  Let’s begin with our first method in Chrome Web Browser,

Method #1:

So, in order to open the closed tab in chrome, you have to follow the instructions mentioned below very carefully and calmly. First of all, you need to open the chrome browser the drag your mouse pointer to the tab bar.

After reaching the tab bar you just have to hit the right button of your mouse. Once you have right clicked on the tab bar, you will see a dialogue box, there will be an option named as “reopen closed tabs”.

Open Closed Tabs in Google Chrome

When you will click on that option mentioned above, it will open a new tab which will contain the URL of the website that you have recently closed. Although if you need to reopen the tab that you have closed just before the recent one, then we have an exclusive trick for you. By the help of this trick, you will be able to reopen the second last tab, that you have closed.

We have a keyboard shortcut that will help you a bit. You have to press “Ctrl+Shift+T”, this will directly open the recently closed tab.

As we have mentioned earlier that it won’t reopen the older tabs. If you want to reopen those tabs then we have another method.

Method #2

The working phenomena of this Method are that you will be seeking in the History of your browser. To open you Chrome Browser, you have to go to “Chrome Menu”. After clicking on the chrome menu, you have to select History. As you will tap on the history, A new window will open. Those people who do not know how to open closed tabs, they can learn this easiest method.

How to Open Closed Tabs

This new window will be having all your Browsing history. You can identify the URL that you need to visit and then just click the link and you will be on your desired Web page. Along with this, you can use your Keyboard. Hold the Ctrl key and then tap the “H” Alphabet on your keyboard.

How to Open Closed Tabs

This was a complete procedure or you can say that it is the complete answer to your Question “How to reopen the closed tabs in Chrome Browser?”.

Your duty ends up here if you are Chrome users but we still have to assist some users those are browsing on Mozilla Firefox.

How to Open Closed Tabs in Mozilla Firefox

Again, in Mozilla Firefox, we have divided the procedure into two different methods. Among these two methods, the First one will be following short procedure whereas the second one will be following the complete procedure.

Method #1

Now, main question comes that how to Open Closed Tabs in Mozilla Firefox. Even, reopening of closed tab using the first method is very much similar to the 1st Method of Chrome Browser. Again, you have to drag your pointer to the tab bar and then, you have a right click. After clicking the right button, you will get a small dialogue box and in this box, there will be option “Undo Close Tab”. This option will reopen your recently closed tab.

How to Open Closed Tabs in Mozilla Firefox

Along with this, the exclusive trick works on Mozilla too. If you have types “Ctrl+Shift+T’ then you latest tab will appear.

Method #2

In this method, we have a look at the Mozilla’s history. For this either you can click on the Mozilla button and then there you can go to the history tab, or you can directly tap “Ctrl+ H” from your keyboard to open the History.

tips to open closed tab

Once history gets loaded you can choose your desired URL and can easily visit the Web page.

easiest way to open close tabs

You might be reading about some other tricks that can reopen the closed tabs but be aware that those steps might be unethical. Whereas the steps or methods that we have mentioned above are completely safe and are 100% ethical to use. Thus, you can use any of the methods according to your Browser and problem.

Note: – In both the browsers, method #2 will work only when you are not in incognito mode. As, incognito mode your history will not be tracked and there will be no data of what’s you have visited recently or earlier. Along with this make sure you haven’t cleared the history earlier.

If you get to know about new trick or method to reopen the closed tabs in any browser. Please, do share it in the comment section below so that we can discuss it a bit with our readers. This is all about “How to Open Closed Tabs“.


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