Fix DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION is one of the most searched solutions by the Windows users. Irrespective of the OS version they have been using, be it the Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, it has become quite a profound problem these days. As the technology is progressing, the past years were spent with all the Windows users upgrading their Operating Systems from Windows 7 to latest versions.

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But, are you sure that you safely upgraded your computer OS? Is your computer acting weird ever since you have upgraded? Did you try to update all the drivers along with your OS? The DPC Watchdog Violation Error is usually seen in cases where people are not sure about their drivers, or in SSD firmware related cases. Here are few reasons why the DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION Error occurs and how to solve it.



Massively, there are three possibilities where the users face the DPC Watchdog Violation Error on booting their Windows 8 or the Windows 10 device. By knowing about these three cases, you can either figure the solutions on your own or follow the below-mentioned methods to get rid of DPC Watchdog Violation error:

  1. Outdated Drivers: When did you exactly buy your PC and how long has it been that you are using your present drivers? Did you ever try updating them since you have installed them on your device? The modern day Watchdog Problems are often caused by the outdated drivers and their incompatibility with the latest technology. Therefore, go through the list of your installed drivers and check the status if they have to be updated.
  2. SSD Firmware: The second main area where the issue might arise is due to the usage of a very old SSD firmware which as of now, became incompatible with both Windows 8 and Windows 10. Are you still using one of those old SSDs without adding a new SSD firmware to your computer? Well then, this is why you’re facing the DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION ERROR. The old day SSD is designed for the Windows previous versions and can bring the blue screen issues to the latest versions. Therefore, check if it has to be upgraded or added.
  3. Applications: Some latest apps that are downloaded have the potential to create DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION errors in your system. Therefore, before downloading a new app on your device, you have to make sure whether it is thoroughly checked or not. If at all you have downloaded them without checking, be pretty sure that one of them is causing the blue screen issue. Honestly, some of the apps that are set or installed improperly exert damage to your OS and leads to many others problems including the DPC Watchdog error.
  4. Others: There are a lot of other causes that might bring the DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION Errors to the computer like incorrect up gradation or infected OS, altogether. In these circumstances, it’s better to find where you have done it wrong and undo it to solve the blue screen issues.


How to Fix DPC Watchdog Violation Error on Windows 8 or 10 1

After reading the above reasons, you might have identified the scenario where your computer is confronting the DPC Watchdog Violation Error. In case if you haven’t found the reason, here are few methods in which you can resolve the blue screen issue:

  1. Reinstall the Drivers: As mentioned earlier, using the same drivers right from when you have purchased the computer might be causing the Watchdog error. Therefore, check the updates of the device drivers and install them on your computer. In case if your drivers are damaged, it is recommended to uninstall them and reinstall to prevent further issues.
  2. Upgrade the SSD: If you are using the SSD for a long time which has become incompatible or have added a used SSD recently, the blue screen issues arise. Therefore, either add a brand new SSD to your device or take the recently purchased second-hand SSD to a professional and ask him about the status to either change it or upgrade it. Before doing this, save the data by backing it up on other storage devices to avoid loss of data.
  3. Computer Apps: Check all the installed apps on your device one by one and uninstall those apps that have problems. If your computer has the watchdog violation issues after you have installed some apps or added new features, check these particular apps and start removing them or reinstalling them based on your preference of keeping them.
  4. Repair: And if anyone of these above methods is not helping you in resolving the blue screen issues and are failing to Fix DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION errors, it is recommended to take your device to the professional and seek help from them.

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How to sustain these errors while trying to Fix DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION Errors?

How to Fix DPC Watchdog Violation Error on Windows 8 or 10 2

Even when you have found a temporary error Fix DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION, there is a high possibility for it to occur again in the future. Irrespective of the warnings you receive before your computer crashes, few steps help you resolving the BSOD errors on your device:

  1. Reboot: Rebooting is always the primary solution for many computer errors, and by doing this, you can know if the blue screen is a permanent solution or a temporary error. In case if you came across a sudden blue screen death issue, long press the power button and shut your PC compulsively before you start the rebooting process. Opening many sites at a time, low disk space, overheat, or high power loss might also cause the blue screen, and by doing this, you will know if they are responsible for the DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION Error or not.
  2. Install Antivirus software: BSOD issues are aroused by the viruses on your device. A mere rebooting won’t help in such cases as the viruses are totally penetrated and therefore, install an antivirus software and perform full scans to delete the infected apps, files, folders and other data and you can recover the data using the data recovery app.
  3. Check the computer OS and the hard drive: More often than not, the OS of your device might be outdated, corrupted and sometimes even deleted. Therefore, check the OS Status of your windows. If you have upgraded the OS recently, you might have done it improperly at one stage, and therefore, it is suggested to reinstall it all over again. The hard drive, on the other hand, is another reason for the blue screen death issues. When the internal hard disc is full without adequate free space, the CPU usage becomes too high which is why you will face the BSOD problems. The result is same in cases when the hard drive is either damaged or infected and therefore, get it checked either to clean, change or repair it.

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Conclusion For Fixing Error DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION:

That being said, it is pretty common that the computer faces the BSOD issue and you can Fix DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION without spending much time and effort if you know how to troubleshoot the area which is causing it as mentioned above. If at all the problem is still persisting, you can approach us with the rightful description below, so that we can get back to you with an approrpiate solution in real time.



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