How to Find Windows 7 Product Key – Get Your Lost Product Keys Easily

How to find windows 7 product key: Have you ever committed a mistake of misplacing an original windows product Key?

Guess how would you react when you didn’t find the windows 7 product key after a deep research.

You might have a feeling of anger or guilt but my dear reader we care for you a lot.

How to Find Windows 7 Product Key

We have been searching a lot on the topic “How to find windows 7 product key “. Now, we have completed our research and here we are to help you out.

Benefits of Original Windows 7 Copy

First of all, let me introduce you to the advantages of having some original and genuine windows 7 copy.

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  • Although the maximum population of our country and almost of half of total population of the whole world are using a copy of windows. Whereas the quarter of people are using Linux and some other open source operating system.
  • And remaining of them are not having a Computer. Therefore, only corporate people and the very small ratio of general PC users are using original windows. Thus, most of us are searching the whole internet to get a working key that can save bucks.
  • All those who are using a copied or pirated version of windows, must aware of one thing that they are doing illegal work by pirating a window. Piracy of windows is unethical and is strictly against the policies of Microsoft. Sometimes Microsoft can block the operating system and it doesn’t provide updates. (Read: Windows Update Troubleshooter)
  • Along with this, sometimes pirated windows, the user faces some problems while installing some necessary software. This software’s are very important for any system and if you have a copy of original windows then it can give your hell lot of trouble. This can consume your precious time. Or else it can force you to re-install the windows again and again.
  • Thus, it is far better to install a genuine and original window instead of getting a copied version of windows on your system. Although it can cost you a bit then, after all, you will get some additional features which only genuine operating system can provide.

Oh! I forgot that you are searching “How to find windows 7 product key“. But it is very necessary to keep you people updated with such difference between features provided by original windows 7 copy and pirated windows 7 copy.

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How to Find Windows 7 Product Key

Method #1: Find Windows 7 product key internally

The very first method to find windows 7 product key is quite tricky.  You didn’t need any third-party software to get your windows 7 product keys. While using your system, you just have to create a VBScript. What Is VBScript? Are you thinking about this? Then, guys, it’s not a big task to perform you just have to paste a specific code in your notepad. Then, just have saved the notepad file with a specific extension “.vbs”.

get windows 7 product key

Just paste the below-shown code in a new notepad file. After copying the code, just directly save the notepad file with an extension of “.vbs”. After saving the notepad file with a specific extension, you can directly run the file and this will give you your desired product key of original windows 7.

Method #2: Getting Help of Third Party Software

Another method to find the windows 7 product key easily. In this procedure, you can look for some third-party key finder software and then you just have to choose the options according to your operating system. Make sure that you didn’t have an OEM computer as they didn’t work on multiple installations of the operating system.

find windows 7 product key

Some of the third-party software’s are very easy to use and have a decent interface. One of the third party software includes NirSoft’s ProduKey.

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Method #3: Get Help of Windows Retailer to Find Windows 7 Key

It is very easy to use and very simple to use. You can connect with your windows retailer, from them you can get your desired windows 7 key. As sometimes they have a record of the sold operating system. Maybe your luck can work in your favor. This method can help you quickly. Therefore, in case you are looking for a simple and convenient way to find the windows 7 product key. So by this method, you can easily get the solution of your question i.e. How to find windows 7 product key. 

How to find windows 7 product key

Method #4: Upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 10

If your system is having a working window 7 and in order to change the windows, you are searching for windows 7 product key. Then you can upgrade your system’s windows 7 to windows 10. You can easily get the solution of forgotten windows 7 product key by upgrading it to windows 10.

How to find windows 7 product key easily

Now how to upgrade windows 7 to windows 10.  Thus, you have to visit the official website of Microsoft and from there you have to download the upgrade able file, so that Windows 10 can be installed. But make sure your system is running on an official window powered by Microsoft. Pirated windows won’t get the option to upgrade to windows 10.

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Conclusion: How You Can Find Windows 7 Product Key

So, these were four methods by which you can get the windows 7 product key easily. All the method is working and will provide your complete satisfaction. These methods will resolve your problem and you will not face any problem but if you encounter any issues then feel free to drop the comment down below. This method is also enough to give you answer your question i.e. How to find windows 7 product key.

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