It happens on a few occasions that when you try to use a USB device, your Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10 PC runs out in certain error. You may not be able to access the USB device as the USB device not recognized by your PC.

USB device not recognized is a very common issue faced by Windows users. It’s not a big thing, so you need not worry about it.

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The most prominent cause can be the failure or nonfunctional USB drivers. There are chances that the USB controllers or some other hardware and software are not working properly.

On a few instances, outdated Motherboard drivers can also be responsible for the same error on your PC.

How to Fix USB Device Not Recognized Error in Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10

Although it has low probability that USB device not recognized error can also be due to the fact the that the external drive is entering selective suspend.

However, there are plenty of tricks that you can use to solve this issue-


Fix USB Device Not Recognized On Windows 7/8/8.1/10 PC

Method #1 To Solve USB Device Not Recognized

There are strong chances that when you plug in any USB device, and it shows the error message then the outdated driver may be an issue. In that case, your device is shown as Unknown device. If your USB device is not merely a flash memory device like Pendrive, then you can try the steps below-

  1. Right-click on This PC menu on the desktop and select Manage option.

    Manage Option in This PC
    Manage Option in This PC
  2. From the Computer Management window choose Device Manager under System Tools in the leftmost panel.

    Computer Management Window - Device ManagerComputer Management Window - Device Manager
    Computer Management Window – Device Manager
  3. You can directly open the Device Manager window by entering the devmgmt.msc command in the Run Menu.

    Device Manager Command in Run Menu
    Device Manager Command in Run Menu
  4. After the Device Manager Window appears, head down straight to the Universal Serial Bus Controllers option.
  5. You will get a drop-down list for the Active USB ports.

    USB Controllers Properties
    USB Controllers Properties
  6. One of them will display the USB device not recognized error in the list.
  7. Now you have to Right Click on that Unknown device and choose Properties.
  8. Under the Properties window, click on the Driver tab.

    Driver Tab in Properties window
    Driver Tab in Properties window
  9. Then, click on update driver option and wait for some time.

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Method #2 For Fixing USB Device Not Recognized Error

There can be some power management issues with the PC or the USB device due to which the error occurs. You can try to manage these options and check if it works for you and solves USB device not recognized –

  1. Again, head over to the Device Manager Window by clicking on Manage under This PC right select menu or by entering the devmgmt.msc command in the Run Menu.

    Device Manager Command in Run Menu
    Device Manager Command in Run Menu
  2.  Then under the USB controller option, right click on the USB Root Hub and select properties.
  3. Select the Power Management tab in the USB Root Hub Menu.
  4. There you will find two options-
    • Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power
    • Allow this device to wake the computer

      Power Management Tab in USB Root Hub Properties
      Power Management Tab in USB Root Hub Properties
  5. Click on the first checkbox and try to reinsert the USB device.
  6. If it works its good otherwise uncheck the former option and again reinsert the USB device.

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Method #3 USB Device Not Recognized Fix

If the above two methods didn’t work for you then, you can try uninstalling the USB drivers. To uninstall the USB drivers follow the steps below-

  1. Even after updating the USB driver the USB device not recognized error persists then you have to uninstall the related driver.
  2. For that, you have to head directly to the Device Manager window.
  3. In the Device Manager window, look for the Universal Serial Bus Controllers.
  4. Expand the USB Controller option to get the Unrecognised USB device.
  5. From the Right Select Menu choose Uninstall.

    Uninstall Driver
    Uninstall Driver
  6. Now Restart your PC and plug in the USB device to check if it issue has been resolved.
  7. If you are not using any flash USB device then, you should try to reinstall the driver software manually.

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Method #4 To Solve Error USB Device Not Recognized in Windows 7/8/10

This is the last thing you should do to solve USB device not recognized error is yet not solved. You can always trust on USB troubleshooter. Here is how you can access the USB troubleshooter-

  1. You need to download the troubleshooter tool from Microsoft Windows official website.
    Download USB Troubleshooter

    Windows USB troubleshooter
    Windows USB troubleshooter
  2. Now when the website appears on your browser, look for the download button.
  3. After you click on the download button, the file will download, and you need to run it.
  4. When the Windows USB Troubleshooter dialog box appears on your screen, click Next to proceed.

    Windows USB Troubleshooter Dialog Box
    Windows USB Troubleshooter Dialog Box
  5. Finally, you will be asked the Administrator permission to apply the suggested fixes.
  6. Apply those fixes and Restart your PC.

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Final Verdict: USB Device Not Recognized in Windows 10/8.1/8/7

The above four methods would work in most of the cases. But sometimes few minor issues can fail all your efforts. All the PC’s which are manufactured these days have a supply to the motherboard that keeps it alive even when the PC is shut down. This may cause an improper restart, and hence this problem may repeat. So what you can do is to completely unplug the PC from the power supply and restart your PC again.

Sometimes, there can be USB device not recognized error due to incompatible devices. If you have another PC, then you can try to plug in your USB device in the other PC and wait for it to be recognized. Once it has been recognised by the other PC, try to connect the USB device in your PC. It’s a basic human nature to ignore minute things, so we do all tedious tasks without using our common sense. There are high chances that the USB cable you are using to connect the device may be faulty. So, you can try to replace the USB cable and check it works for you.

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If you know your PC in detail then you can try modifying BIOS settings as well. Try to update your BIOS and recheck the device. When you will open the BIOS settings, you will find an option to disable USB. Make sure you have a PS2 port so that even after you disable USB, you can use your mouse and keyboard. After you disable the USB, restart the PC. Then again open BIOS settings and enable the USB option. This may be solve the issue of usb device not recognized.


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