How to Export Bookmarks in Firefox {Easily}

A bookmark is an excellent option especially for people who have a short-term memory.

Since it’s difficult to keep searching for websites that you visit very often, you can just save it and get back to it later whenever required.

Mozilla Firefox offers this awesome feature to export bookmarks in Firefox at an HTML file as back up.

Not only Firefox, even Chrome, Edge and many other browsers offer this option. Here is an article on our site about how you can export your bookmarks in Google Chrome browser.

How to Export Bookmarks in Firefox

Why do we need to Export Bookmarks

I’d say, why not?

You have an option at no additional cost from the browser, just sitting there, use it to save the important links like your online banking link, office links (if any) that you constantly access and even links to various movies that you like.

The best part is, you can save them in an HTML file as back up, just in case the browser gets corrupted and you want to reinstall it and you don’t wish to lose your bookmarks, you can just export them.

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Almost all the browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft edge etc., have this option of bookmarking that can be used extensively.

If you are wondering about how to export bookmarks in Firefox, let’s get started with it.

How to Export Bookmarks in FireFox

Here, we will discuss how to export bookmarks in Firefox in detail. It’s a pretty straightforward and easy task to achieve. I will provide a step by step information on how to export bookmarks in Firefox.

But, before I proceed with the steps, you need to know that the bookmarks can only be exported if there are links saved on your browser, or else the browser will give you an error.

There are various methods to export bookmarks in Firefox, but I will demonstrate the easiest one here for you to follow:

1. Open the Firefox browser

Open the ‘Firefox’ browser. You will be redirected to the home page that looks something like the image shown below.

2. Open the bookmarks option

Move the mouse over the “Bookmarks option” at the top right of the browser.

Before you click, you will see the highlight ‘View history, saved bookmarks and more’ as shown below.

Click on it.

Open bookmarks option

3. Open show all bookmarks

Once you click the option shown above, you will see a drop-down menu with various options and you need to click on the ‘Bookmarks’ option.

By doing so, you will see a new set of options. You need to select the last option which says ‘Show all Bookmarks’.

Show all bookmarks

4. Open the Library for Firefox

After you click on ‘Show all Bookmarks’, a new window will open which shows the Library for Firefox.’

Here you will find a lot of options and features that the Library has.

Library for Firefox

5. Export bookmarks to HTML

In the new window, you need to click on the ‘Import and Backup’ option available in the Menu bar.

This will provide a drop-down menu with various options for you. Select the highlighted option ‘Export Bookmarks to HTML…’.

Export bookmarks to HTML

6. Save the file as HTML

After you click on ‘Export Bookmarks to HTML’ option, another window will pop up asking you to save the HTML file.

In this step, I would recommend keeping the file format as HTML only since you can access the HTML file through any browser and Import your bookmarks if and when needed.

How to Export Bookmarks in Firefox {Easily} 1

Save the file where you see fit. And you are done!

Try to save the file in a familiar place so that you remember where and what it is.

You could also save the name of the HTML file as Export Bookmarks as I have shown, which will help you remember what the file is, just in case you forget about it.

Alternately, you could avoid steps 1-4 and directly jump to step 4 by using the below shortcut.

When you open the browser, just press Ctrl+Shift+B to directly open the Library of the browser.


This can be done easily once you get to know the browser well enough.


I hope the step by step image inclusive explanation will be helpful to export bookmarks in Firefox for those in need.

Do make use of this option in case of emergencies and store a copy of the HTML in your e-mail if necessary as an additional back up. Feel safe that your bookmarks have a back up too like all other important files.

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