Cortana Is Not Working In Windows 10 : How to Fix

Here is the different ways to solve Cortana is Not Working In Windows 10 issue. It is the personal assistant developed for Microsoft Windows platform. Cortana is available as a digital assistant on Microsoft Windows 10. It basically works on the concept of Artificial Intelligence. You can assign Cortana all kinds of tasks like setting reminders based on time, places, or people, track packages, teams, interests, and flights.

You can also give commands to send emails and texts. Apart from that you can manage your calendar and keep you up to date. You can do all sorts of tasks just by giving voice commands to Cortana. But sometimes it may happen that Cortana is not working In Windows 10 due to some configuration issues or setting up process. But we have got a way for you to fix it.

Solutions for Cortana Is Not Working In Windows 10

Cortana Is Not Working In Windows 10

So, if Cortana is not working in Windows 10 we can provide you how to fix the issue. You just need to follow below steps-

Fix #1. Restarting Windows

Well if you have got any issue of with software malfunctioning or shows some setup issue you can fix it by restarting the windows. If Cortana is not working in Windows 10 then it can be solved by restarting the device. Sometime it may happen that the default settings are changed by any means. So, if you restart the device the default settings could revert back and the issue might be solved.
To restart your device –

Restarting Windows 10

Restarting Windows 10

  • Click on Windows button on the taskbar or press Windows Key on the Keyboard.
  • Click on Power Button and choose Restart from the drop down list.

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Fix #2. Restart Windows Explorer

Sometimes it may happen that due to overload on RAM, the Windows Explorer may hang and won’t function properly. Cortana is also maintained by Windows Explorer. There might be changes that Cortana is not working if Windows Explorer is overloaded. So you can follow these steps to resolve it –

Windows Task Manager

Windows Task Manager

  • First, you need to click on the Start button or Press Windows KEY.
  • Now from the list choose task manager.
  • In the task manager under running processes tab find EXPLOER.EXE
  • Right-click on the item and choose END PROCESS.
  • Again press Win+R and to open Run Menu
  • Type explorer.exe and Press ENTER key.
  • The Explorer will restart immediately.

Fix #3. Restart Windows Search

Windows search is directly linked to the Cortana services. There is a possibility that some error in Windows search would be reflected in Cortana as well. You can consider an option to restart Windows Search if Cortana is not working in Windows 10. All you need is to follow the steps-

Type Services.msc on Run Menu

Type Services.msc on Run Menu

Windows Services List

Windows Services List

  • You need to press Win+R simultaneously to start Run Menu.
  • Now you have to type services.msc in the space provided.
  • Either you have to click on OK button or press Enter Key.
  • As soon as you press Enter Key you will get Windows Services list.
  • You have to scroll down and find Windows Search option and right click on Properties.
  • Thereafter you need to select the running type to Automatically and click on Apply and then OK button.
  • Again you have to Right click on Windows Search and choose Restart Option.

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Fix #4. Sign out and Sign in in Windows user account

If Cortana is not working in Windows 10 then it may have something to do to with your User Accounts. So you need to kill Cortana working and try to sign out and sign in again. You have to go through a series of steps to do the same-

Cortana in task manager

Cortana in task manager

Cortana Is Not Working In Windows 10 : How to Fix 1

  • You have to Press Ctrl+Alt+Del Keys simultaneously.
  • There you have to select Task Manager.
  • When Task Manager window appears, try to search for Cortana.
  • Right-click on it and choose end process to terminate it.
  • Now click on Start Button and choose settings from the leftmost tab.
  • In the Settings window choose Accounts option.
  • Just click on Manage My Microsoft Accounts
  • You can try Logging out and Logging in again.
  • If this does not work out for you then you can try creating a new account.

Fix #5. Re-register Cortana

Re-registering Cortana can also be useful if Cortana is not working on Windows 10. You should have a little knowledge about Windows Powershell editor. If you have no idea about the Windows Powershell editor then you have to follow the steps exactly without any change-

Windows Power Shell

Windows Power Shell

  • Press Win+R simultaneously to start Run Menu.
  • In the Run Menu, you have to type PowerShell and then click on OK button or press ENTER key.
  • In the PowerShell window, you have type
    Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"}


  • Then press the ENTER  key.
  • Then you have to restart your PC to figure out if the issue has been solved or not.

Fixed “Cortana Is Not Working In Windows 10” Problem

Even after following all these steps if Cortana is still not working in Windows 10 then you can give a try for Windows Troubleshooter as well. You can find the options related to Windows Search in Control Panel. You need to click on Fix issue to start the Troubleshooter. It would automatically detect the problems and solve it online.


You can try rebuilding Windows Index as well as it works out even when most if the methods fail. But you should use it only if you have not got any other options. You can find the related options in the Index Options under Control Panel. Cortana has really turned out to be useful with its amazing features. Windows users have started relying on it for various purposes. So if Cortana is not working in Windows 10 then it can cause problems in various day to day activities.


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