CamScanner Review: CamScanner is one of the best mobile document scanning and sharing apps of today. It lets you scan and export all kinds of documents on your mobile.

This app also comes in very handy if you are on the go and in need of any document quickly.

CamScanner is quick, effective and easy to use. It ensures that all your scan copies look good even if they are handwritten, have light text or the lighting is low.

It not only lets you scan and store documents but also enables syncing and collaboration across all smartphones, tablets, iPads, and PCs. Let’s start reviewing CamScanner Android Application.

CamScanner Review : Best Mobile Doc Scanning App

CamScanner Review – Phone PDF Creator Android App Ratings

#1. CamScanner Info

Using this kind of a handy app is much better than taking photos on your phone and sending them across, especially for official purposes. It has numerous features for editing and adjusting the scanned document which makes it stand out as the best scanner app.
CamScanner Review: CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator Android App Rating 1

Once the document is scanned, you can crop, edit, create a PDF, and share it easily. There are also plenty of options like adding watermark, merging files, password protection, cloud storage, etc. While CamScanner is packed with numerous features, one of the favorite features is the lighting adjustment after cropping.

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CamScanner is available on both Android and iOS platform. It has a free version that comes with enough features to suffice a document scan and a paid version which has lot more features to give you an exceptional experience of document scanning.

Now, let’s take a closer look at its features and interface – CamScanner Review. 

#2. CamScanner Interface Review

The User Interface of this app is very simple to understand and easy to navigate. The app sports a very minimalistic look. The home screen has most of the icons including the camera button, delete, share, merge, all tags, change the tag and add password protection buttons.

More options can be found on the top right corner of the home screen by tapping on the 3 dots. Overall the user interface is simple and user-friendly.

CamScanner Review: CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator Android App Rating 2

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#3. Editing – CamScanner Review

CamScanner detects the edges of the documents in an automated way and also provides manual editing with various functions. The enhanced image produces a document with a clean white background and crisp text where most of the wrinkles of the paper have been removed.

Though the documents are already edited, CamScanner has a number of built-in tools like trim, rotate, crop, resize etc., to make the document even better.

CamScanner Review: CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator Android App Rating 3

You can also set the PDF page size, margins, page orientation, page size, margins, add notes, set tags, adding text, signature, highlight etc.

CamScanner Review: CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator Android App Rating 4

The camera allows you to set the size of the image while capturing. It also provides various editing options like brightness, contrast, various modes like Original, B&W, Grey, Low Enhance, High Enhance and more to enhance the quality of the document furthermore.

CamScanner Review: CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator Android App Rating 5

#4. Reviewing CamScanner Features

Camera: You can either use the app camera or your phone camera to scan documents, notes, receipts, invoices, certificates and more. Here is useful list of Best Camera Apps For Android.

CamScanner Review: CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator Android App Rating 6

Scan Quality: The auto cropping and enhancing feature plus manual editing option makes the document and text look clear and sharp.

Photography tools: These tools help control the flash of the phone camera and also help identify if the phone flat above the document or perpendicular.

Image quality: The quality of the scanned document is quite good as the automated smartphone flash and the contrast enhancements retain readability even in various conditions.

PDF/JPEG File formats: Documents can be shared in PDF or JPEG format by either sending the document link, email attachment or even social media.

CamScanner Review: CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator Android App Rating 7

CamScanner Review – More Notable Features

Secure your documents: You can set a password for all the important documents to protect them and keep safe.

Fax and Airprint: You can instantly print out the document from CamScanner with any printer via AirPrint, or you can also directly fax the documents from the app to over 30 countries.

CamScanner Review: CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator Android App Rating 8

Sync: Sign up and sync the documents across all platforms on the go from your smartphone, tablet or PC. You can easily view, edit and share any document from anywhere.

Tags: All the scanned documents are tagged and organized, which makes them easier to find and manage.

Sharing: You can access and share the scanned documents via Bluetooth, email, various messaging applications and save as Evernote notes.

CamScanner Review: CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator Android App Rating 9

Backup: You can create a backup of all the documents on your SD card and restore it back whenever required.

More: You can edit names, notes, and tags to the document. You can copy, move and merge them. You can also extract texts from the documents and generate a .txt file in the paid app. All documents can be uploaded to OneDrive or OneNote and saved.

CamScanner Review: CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator Android App Rating 10

Cloud integration: It has direct integration with cloud storage services such as, DropBox, Google Docs and more.

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Collaboration: You can invite your colleagues or friends to view your scanned documents or upload theirs and comment in a group.

OCR (optical character recognition): This feature extracts the text from any page for more editing or further sharing. This feature is available in paid version of the app only.

CamScanner Review: CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator Android App Rating 11

Annotations: You can make annotations or add customized watermark on all the documents.

Paid app Services: Along with OCR and generating text from the documents, you can also create multiple page collages of documents, add 40 more collaborations, send documents with expiration date, download a batch full of PDF files in the web app, convert all the files to PDF in one go, add 10G more cloud space etc.

Conclusion – CamScanner Phone PDF Creator Review

CamScanner is a very useful application that scans documents quickly and keeps the text highly visible. Users can scan and manage all of their bills, memos, newspaper articles, notes, book excerpts, articles, certificates, business cards, wedding invitations, whiteboard credentials, agreements, tickets, coupons and all other important documents easily and on the go on this amazing app – CamScanner Review

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If you do not have any extensive use of this app, then the free version would be just apt for you as it covers most of the major features provided by the app. With CamScanner on your side, you can go paperless and turn your smartphone into a portable document scanner.

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CamScanner Review
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