Best Twerk Apps for Android and iOS: Twerking originated as a dance form in the late 80s and it mainly consists of the performer ‘twerking’ his body to the song in different and creative ways. The dance itself can either be funny or downright sensual, but it also happens to be a complete body workout.

Best Twerk Apps for Android and iOS
Best Twerk Apps – Credit

And, as you carry out the dance moves to the streamed music or twerk your body to the rhythm, you would, in fact, be exercising various muscles of your body. And in the process, burn up a lot of calories as well. No one is claiming that twerking is all fun, it is hard, sweaty but tons of fun.

If you are looking for a fun way to work out, then why not twerk your body, to the music since that can provide you with the required workout and you get to enjoy your workout more. By twerking regularly, you get to improve your core strength and your confidence as well.

17 Best Twerk Apps for Android and iOS

Here are some of our top Apps that are available for both Androids and iOS phones. You may also like our post about best camera apps and best board game apps for Android and iOS.

  1. Twerk Meter

    Twerk Meter - Twerk App For AndroidThis is certainly one of the best Apps for twerking; it comes with a handy meter that lets you know right away as to whether you are good at twerking. With this handy app, you can find out how long you can twerk and whether you are good at twerking.

    All you have to do is to turn on the game, slip the phone into your hip, and then start to move your hips and that’s it. The game is available on Google play store and is free to download.

    Download For Android – PlayStore
  2. All-Star Twerkers

    AllStarTwerkers App for Android and iOSSo, you love twerking but happen to be a tad embarrassed? That’s fine, just choose a character on this game and make her twerk as you would like to.

    Moreover, you get more choices when it comes to characters’, as each one you pick comes with unique moves, as well as voice. This game too is available on Google play and iTunes and is free to download.

  3. Twerk Me

    Twerk Me - Twerk App for iOSThis is a fun and best twerk app. All that you have to do is to take a picture of yourself, your family and friends, your pet, and integrate the image with your twerking character. You can make a video of the twerking moves that your character makes and share the same with everyone.

    This game is bound to be a barrel of laughs and is available for download on iOS stores only.

    Download For iOS – iTunes
  4. Elf Dance

    Elf Dance - Fun for Yourself for AndroidThis game by Jib Jab is certain to put you in the holiday spirit. It comes with a wink and takes place in Santa’s shop.

    You can personalize the tweak video of Santa and his elves by integrating your image with the video. You can cast your friends as elves and all that you need to do is to take some pictures. The twerk game is available on Google Play.

    Download For Android – PlayStore
  5. Hot Twerk Video 2018

    Hot Twerk Video 2018 for AndroidIf you are into twerking games and want a serious app, then you need to try out this one. And as the name suggests, it provides you with access to some of the hottest twerk videos of last year.

    What’s more! This App is continuously updated each week, so you can always access fresh videos. It is available only on Google play.

    Download For Android – PlayStore
  6. 30 Day Squat Challenge

    30 Day - Squat ChallengeAre you looking to slip into that pretty dress but don’t have a clue as to how to lose some weight? Allay your worries as now you can shed pounds with a quirky app. 30 Day Squat Challenge is an amazing twerk app that enables you to realize your fitness goals and a healthy lifestyle.

    It has an assemblage of effective fitness tips so that you can try exercises and stretch your body parts. The robust app dispenses with the need of a trainer. The users will find the app very simple, easy and free to use. You can explore the collection of 30 days workout for different body parts.

  7. How To Twerk

    How to Twerk for AndroidIf you are interested in twerking and want to learn more about it, then all you need to do is to check out this best twerking app.

    This app features lessons on twerking by some of the well-known personalities. You would soon be twerking to the latest dance music, without any issue whatsoever. You can download this game from the Google Play Store.

    Download For Android – PlayStore
  8. Tappy Twerk 3D

    Tappy Twerk 3D- FREE Twerking Simulator for AndroidTappy twerk 3D is a free and stimulating game. The basic premise is simple enough. All you have to do is to shake your booty and collect the coins.

    What’s more, you can appear as a man or as a woman and even have your own pick of clothes to wear as you twerk out.  This game is currently available at Apple iTunes for your iOS.

    Download For iOS – iTunes
  9. Miey’s 8 Bit Twerk Adventure

    Mileys 8-Bit Twerk Adventure for iOSAs the name suggests, you get to shake your booty, left to right with the sole purpose of collecting coins. It can consume some space on your device but it also happens to be lots of fun.

    This is one interesting and famous twerking App available at the iTunes store.

    Download For iOS – iTunes
  10. KDance – Best Twerk App

    KDance - Dance Music App – Best Twerk AppNow learn different dance forms at your home without any tutor with KDance. This free and easy-to-use music and dance app are available for both the android and iOS phone. If you want to learn any dance form but you are unable to make it to that dance academy, then this app is tailor-made for you.

    You will have access to a big line-up of different dance forms such as bachata, ballet, belly dance, afro, Bollywood, Hollywood, country, ballroom dancing, flamenco, hip hop etc. along with their videos so that it becomes very handy for you to imbibe those new moves and angles. It also provides options for news, live radios, events, among other things.

  11. A Surf And Twerk Arctic Adventure

    A Surf & Twerk Arctic Adventure - FREE Surfer GameWith this game, you can look forward to an arctic adventure, replete with polar bears and twerking to avoid obstacles.

    The background is interesting as well, and naturally, as the game progresses, it gets slightly harder. It is available at iTunes and is a lot of fun.

    Download For iOS – iTunes
  12. Twerk Queen

    Twerk Queen for AndroidThis game features some of the most dynamic videos sourced online. The app is designed to provide you with a healthy workout each day.

    As you shake that booty to the music, you should be able to gyrate effectively and, in the process, lose those calories. Download the App from the Google Store.

    Download For Android – PlayStore
  13. AR hologram Twerk Dance Girl

    AR Hologram Twerk Dance Girl for AndroidIf you wanted a fun, twerking app, then this one is it. It consists of a woman or rather features a nice hologram of a woman twerking; the faster you move your phone, the more it twerks.

    What makes this game more interesting is that it comes with two modes, so essentially you can speed up the game as much as you would like or opt for the slower version. You can also dress up in funky costumes. It is available for free or you can check it out by heading here

    Download For Android – PlayStore
  14. Brazilian Butt

    Brazilian Butt – Personal Fitness Trainer AppBrazilian Butt is fitness training apps for android and iOS users. It is a free twerking app which affords you an opportunity to learn to twerk. So, those of you who want a bigger behind can bank on this app for some easy learning.

    There is a big collection of exercises to increase your butt size and reduce belly fat. The ploy consists of three different levels. The first level is free but the second and third levels are paid. The second level costs $0.99 and the third level costs $0.99 to unlock.

  15. Videos Twerk App for Android

    Videos Twerk For AndroidThis twerking game is all about various dance videos of people dancing. It is certainly an interesting game and one that you can dance with your friends as well.

    The obstacles vary and so does the difficulty level which makes this game engrossing, to say the least. It is available on the Google Play Store to download.

    Download For Android – PlayStore
  16. Dance fitness Twerking App for iOS

    Dance fitness Twerking App for iOSLearning dance will never get this easy. If you are an avid dancer and you want to train yourself in varied dance forms, then Dance Fitness is at your disposal. This is a paid dancing app for iOS users which equips you with an expansive collection of dance videos spreading across different categories.

    You will have access to some amazing dancing videos which will improve your moves and enhance your dancing experience. You can also make a particular dance video your favorite and rate them. The app taps your watched history and shows it when you need. It is available for $6.99.

    Download For iOS – iTunes
  17. A Swag Surf And Twerk Water Adventure

    A Swag Surf and Twerk Water Adventure for iOSThe premise of the game is simple enough; you basically, get to surf and in the process, shake your booty. And the challenge lies in the speed and how fast you are able to twerk.

    If not anything, this App will definitely make your moves faster and better. It is available on the iTunes App.

    Download For iOS – iTunes

How To Twerk Video Tutorial

If you are a beginner at twerking and want to learn how to twerk, you will definitely find below video tutorials helpful.

Final Words – Best Twerk Apps
Top Twerking Games and AppsThese are some of the best twerk apps for your android and iOS phones from the huge lot out there. For one thing, with these games and dance moves, you can certainly make your life a lot more interesting than before. And, obviously, twerk a lot better than you did earlier.


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