Showbox Alternatives Apps or websites List: Today we bring you a detailed list of the best showbox alternative applications for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS. Read Best Fake Location Apps For Android here.

No matter whether Android, iOS, Windows or MacOS, the Showbox application is one of the most rated and most downloaded applications for each of these platforms.

Best ShowBox Alternatives For Android, Windows, iOS, MacOS

What makes Showbox application really popular is that the application lets its users to stream latest movies, TV series and shows from the comforts of their personal devices. The application also offers really good streaming quality and one of the best user interfaces for video streaming applications.

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However, some recent updates to the Showbox application across all its supported platforms have caused some errors to pop up in the application thus affecting the user experience of the application.

So, users are opting for Showbox alternative out there and if you are too searching for the best Showbox replacement out there that offer a similar user experience and video streaming experience to that of Showbox, then today we are here with a list of the top 10 best Showbox alternatives out there.

Best Showbox Alternatives for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac

Here is our latest list of the best and top rated Showbox like apps as an available possibilities.

  1. Kodi Media Player:

    The Kodi Media Player is an open source and free to use media-player that was earlier known as XBMC and is developed by the XBMC [Kodi Foundation]. The media player is free to use on Linux, MacOS, iOS and Windows-based systems.This media player also features a very intuitive user interface specially designed to use not only on your personal devices but also on Television screens. You can play latest videos, music, podcasts and more using this media player application.

    Download Media Player Now

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  2. CinemaBox – Best Showbox Option:

    CinemaBox is also a very popular Showbox alternative that is completely free to download and use.The application updates its database of movies and TV shows daily thus offering you with newer content every single day. You can also download the movies you wish to and also make use of subtitles when and where necessary.The application also supports Google Chromecast, Streaming via WIFI and Apple TV as well.

    Download Official Cinemabox App

  3. MovieBox: Another Showbox Replacement

    moviebox - showbox alternativesMovieBox is also a very popular Showbox alternative that has both an iOS and Android version as well. If you are very much used to the Showbox application, then you will feel right at home with the MovieBox application. There are a lot of movies and TV shows available in this application in 720p HD format.

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    Download Moviebox App From Play Store

  4. PlayBox HD:

    As the name of the application itself suggests, PlayBox HD is an application with lots of HD movies and series to watch.The user interface of the PlayBox HD app is also very simple to understand and navigate and if you have a good WIFI connection, streaming and navigating through the app is quick as well.

    Visit Playbox HD Website

  5. MegaBox HD:

    Top 10 Alternatives to Showbox For Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS 1
    Similar to PlayBox HD, the specialty of the MegaBox HD app is also the list of HD movie and video content available within the application. However, if you have a weaker internet connection, then you can also opt to stream videos in low quality with this application.The MegaBox HD app offers a huge database of movies and TV series to stream and the content is updated regularly to add more and more interesting movies and TV shows spanning across a variety of categories.

    Get MegaBox HD From this Link

  6. Popcorn Time: Most Popular ShowBox Alternative

    Popcorn Time was the best video streaming app out there before all the latest competition took over its title. However, when it comes to overall user experience and the list of available of latest movies and TV series to choose from, the Popcorn Time is still one of the best alternatives to Showbox.The Popcorn Time features a clutterless user interface and is simple with the content itself featured on almost everywhere in the application. You can also search and find your favorite movies or TV series using the application.

    Download Latest Popcorn Time

  7. Crackle: A Sony Network

    Yet another awesome Showbox alternative is Crackle. The Crackle video streaming application is not only known for its list of movies and TV series but also for the cool features of the Crackle app.The application lets you create a custom playlist featuring your favorite movies and TV series and the application also supports binge-mode watching for a TV series marathon and you can also stay updated with all the latest episode release of your favorite TV series.

    Visit Cracke Website

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  8. HD Movies Now:

    The HD Movies Now application is self-explained from the name itself and is also a really good Showbox alternative. Even though this application offers HD movie and television content for streaming, you can also choose to opt for a low quality streaming in case of poor internet connection.With a nicely laid out user interface and regularly updated list of movies and TV shows and series, the HD Movies Now app is something that you should definitely check out.

    Download HD Movies Now App

  9. Sky HD:

    sky-hd-app: showbox alternative
    Even though the Sky HD is a Showbox alternative, the application features an overall look and feel of the PlayBox app mentioned in this list earlier and even the content database is the same.So, if you cannot really get the PlayBox HD app to work on your device, then the Sky HD app is something that you should check out. (Application or site – No longer available)

  10. Bobby Movie Box:

    bobby HD: showbox alternative
    If you haven’t heard about the Bobby Movie Box app before, then Bobby Movie Box is one of the really popular Showbox alternatives out there and the application is really good in terms of the content available and the overall user experience.You can not only search for your favorite movies and TV shows using this application, you can also keep track of the trending movies within the application to get hold of awesome latest movies that match your taste.

    Download Bobby Movie Box

Final Words for Picking Best ShowBox Alternative

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