Best News Apps for Android Device to Get Regular Updates of 2019

In this post, we have sorted out best news apps for android to help you install the best on your device. If you have to catch up with the pace of the modern world then you need to keep yourself thoroughly updated. You should know what is going around you and the globe. Reading news is considered pretty essential for us. We can get information on all kinds of stuff like politics, sports, education, entertainment, business, Industries and much more.

It not only improves our general knowledge skills but also adds to your educational values. Fortunately, we have not to depend upon newspapers now. We can customize the category of updates we want on our device. So I have prepared a list of the best news apps for Android devices.

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Top 10 Best News Apps for Android

Best News Apps for Android Device

#1. SmartNews App for Android

Smartnews provides the hottest stories on the web at your fingertips. You can browse news in different categories. The content loads in almost zero time. You don’t have to wait for getting recent updates or whatever you search for in the application. What makes it the best news apps for Android devices to get latest updates is that you can access the content anywhere even offline. The user interface is very clean and easy to use. The Smartview feature allows to you read fast and easily. It has won multiple App of the Year awards as well

Smartnews - News App For Android

#2. Google News and Weather

Google News and Weather is a unique Android based application which can be your real-time customizable news desk. More than 75000 coverage publications make it one of the best news apps for Android. It contains a feature called AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) which helps to load any content with lightning fast speed. You can choose from 60 different layouts for home screen depending upon your country. The in-depth news, viewpoints and general opinion of the experts and common people are also included in the app.

Google News and Weather

#3. Feedly News Apps For Android

Feedly is the smart news app built for smartphones. The Feedly team claims that this app makes you smarter. You can read, organise and even share all the updates and news from a single place. Undoubtedly, Feedly is under the best news apps list due to its features of getting customised updates not only from a particular section or category but even your favorite publications and Youtube Channels. Feedly is powered by RSS so you can add any RSS feed and read it wherever you want, all you need is to remember the URL or the keyword.


#4. Reddit News Application Android

Reddit claims itself to be the face of the internet. You can not only get fresh trending content on Reddit but also viral news, videos, and hot memes. Reddit is one of the top news apps for Android because you can join thousands of communities and get your customised content and related updates. You can even contribute to Reddit with your own stuff like some pictures, your stories or some funny memes which you have created yourself.


#5. Flipboard for Android

Flipboard is one of the best news applications for Android. The application comes as preinstalled in Samsung devices. You can organise all the content you are interested in a single place. Custom magazines features allow you to add news, images or stories from different sources and put them commonly under your customised magazine. It is being used by millions of people around the globe as it is available in 25 different local languages. You can trust the credibility of content as there are some famous publications like National Geographic, Forbes, CNN, Serious Eats, Eater, Runner’s World, Esquire and much more.


#6. AOL News, Mail & Video

AOL app is holding 2015 Webby Award Honoree for news. Profoundly it is in the club of best news apps for Android. AOL News contains trending news on entertainment, finance, fashion, and lifestyle. Stories from famous tech blogs like Techcrunch and Huffington Post are also available on the app. AOL mail is also a nice feature in which you can access all you email instantly. It saves your time, you can also manage your AOL contacts easily. Lots of trending viral videos and funny content are also available on the application. Apart from that, you can also check the weather of your location with just a single tap on your device.

AOL News

#7. Pocket – Android News Apps

The pocket is a very interesting Android application on which apart from reading the online content you can just save it for later. You can save any video or link which you like and don’t have time to watch it at the same time for later. You get an awesome reading experience when you browse through its simple user interface. if you don’t want to read the article you can use its Text to Voice Reading feature. Here you can also recommend interesting stories and videos to your friends. Undeniably Pocket falls under the category of the best news applications.


#8. BBC News App

BBC News offers you the international content and trending stories with a belief of Genuity. My News feature has been recently introduced in the app which allows you to personalise your news content. The application provides suggestions for the stories you should read using the ones you have recently viewed. News has been categorised into most read and most watched sections. Push notification feature allows you to get trending news as soon as it is published. BBC News has also worked on increasing offline reading experience.

BBC News

#9. CNN News app for Android

CNN is one of the most trusted news platforms. It has already gained lots of respect globally. You get the news which has been researched and collected by one of the most hardworking reporters such that no other news source can even come close to it. You can also watch live CNN, CNNi or HLN television anywhere. Various CNN original series like Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown are also available on the app. A condensed view of today’s news is available on Reader Mode and a Chromecast support for video has also been included recently.

CNN News

#10. Instapaper App For News

Instapaper is a simple application which allows you to save web pages for reading later. It saves your space and memory by converting the web pages into the text format only omitting the layouts and presenting it in a readable manner. You can adjust fonts, text sizes, line spacing and margins according to your requirement. More than 500 articles can be downloaded on the application and you can access thousand more on the Instapaper website. It also contains features like Dictionary and Wiki lookups. It is the best app for reading news offline.


Best News Apps For Android Conclusion

We have been always prescribed by our elders to read the newspaper. It would help in our mental growth and optimization. It would make you an active citizen. But unfortunately, we all lack time so the only option we have is reading content online and for that here is list of best news apps for android. We have plenty of options and these applications can really be useful to us. You can stay updated and sagacious. All the apps listed above have best quality content and in depth information of news and other contents.


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