Best Music Streaming Apps For Android: Well, music is the greatest communication in the world.

Even if people don’t understand the language that you’re singing in, they still know good music when they hear it.

Earlier on, we were depended on FM Radios, DVD players or iPods for the music but now you can access all your favorite music content on your smartphone.

Profoundly millions of songs of different genres are available on a single tap on the screen. There are lots of website and application available on the Google Playstore but all they do is to make this process clumsy and complex.

Best Music Streaming Services For Android - Best Music Streaming Apps For Android
Best Music Streaming Services For Android – Best Music Streaming Apps For Android

Here we are presenting best free music streaming apps for Android or best mp3 streaming apps for Android-

  1. Wynk Music – Online MP3 Streaming Apps for Android

    Wynk Music - Online MP3 Streaming Apps for AndroidWynk Music is one of the best music players for Android of 2017. It has over 26 million songs in Indian and International music.

    You could enjoy high-quality music streaming online. Well, you have access to songs for all mood which you can choose and put up in your personal playlist.

    You can listen to songs in various languages and even download them. Wynk app streams music even on slow connections so you can enjoy music without worrying about the internet charges. The user interface is very simple to use. It also supports Chromecasts.

    If you enjoy listening to uninterrupted music then you can switch over to Wynk radio as well.

    You can subscribe full pro version, although the first month you have to pay absolute zero charges.

    Download Wynk Music Streaming App For Android

  2. Hungama Music – Songs & Videos: Listen Music Online Free

    Hungama Music to Listen Music Online FreeHungama Digital Media Entertainment Ltd. has been progressive to stream high-quality mp3 music to people at low rates and internet charges.

    You can get unlimited access to not only Bollywood but songs in other regional languages as well.

    Hungama music application also provides various videos apart from mp3 music. Music is categorized into various genres like Bollywood, International, Ghazals, Rock etc.

    While you are listening to music you can also view the lyrics and sing the song simultaneously.

    Hungama music is one of the best music streaming app for Android as you can get rewards on watching various videos and listening music and redeem them later to enjoy free music.

    Download Hungama Music Streaming App For Android

  3. Google Play Music – Service to Stream Music Online

    Google Play Music - App to Stream Music OnlineGoogle Play Music has been exclusively designed for the ones who have a great inclination towards personalised music.

    It allows you to store more than 500,000 songs. It is a very smart application as it recommends you the music of your taste using your previous search results.

    Google Play Music contains a Radio built in feature in which is run by experts to provide trending music uninterrupted. You can even discover and subscribe to various podcasts.

    The subscription for Google Play Music will cost you much less if you choose the Family Plan in which six members of your family can enjoy music at an effectively low cost.

    Download Google Play Music Streaming App For Android

  4. SoundCloud – Music & Audio: Music Streaming Services for Android

    SoundCloud - Stream Music for AndroidSoundCloud is one of the largest platforms for streaming high-quality mp3 audio and music.

    There are more than 150 million tracks available on the app. You can easily filter out the music of your taste with the regularly updated content on the app.

    The songs are categorised into hip-hop, electronic, rock, classical, jazz, podcasts and much more. You can create multiple playlists like for the party or whatever mood you are in.

    You have to choose a plan that suits you well and enjoy the music which touches your soul.

    Download SoundCloud Music Streaming App For Android

  5. Gaana – Best Music Streaming Apps For Android

    Gaana - Best Music Streaming App For AndroidGaana music app has basically grown as all in one solution for regional music.

    Although Gaana has various international songs as well yet people prefer Bollywood and other regional songs here.

    You can enjoy the surfeit collection of songs from one from the golden age classics to modern day hits.

    You have access to thousands of pre-created playlists online designed by experts. The application is available in nine different languages which make the interface very simple and easy to use for you.

    It in undeniably one of the best free music player for Android of 2017 due to its regularly updated content.

    Download Gaana Music Streaming App For Android

  6. Radio Player by Audials to Stream Music on Android Smartphone

    Radio Player by Audials to Stream Music on Android SmartphoneIf you love the simple old radio then you would love this Radio Player by Audials as well.

    You can listen to millions of songs or podcasts on the radio without any adieu. There are more than 80,000 radio stations available on this platform.

    Radio Clock is a feature which will remind you when your favorite music is being played on the radio station and even wake up if the device is not active.

    You can record the music as well and sync it with the cloud. Even if you want to play it on your PC then also you could easily do it without any wired connection.

    Download Radio Player Music Streaming App For Android

  7. RockMyRun – Online MP3 Streaming Apps For Android

    RockMyRun - Online MP3 Streaming AppRockMyRun is a unique music application which has been specifically built for motivating you while you are doing some workouts or exercises.

    What makes it the best free music player for Android of 2017 is the fact that you can play music crafted by the best DJ’s in the world like David Guetta, Afrojack, Major Laser etc.

    You can merge different songs together in a way that it boosts you up during a workout session.

    It has been tested by EPARC that the music available on RockMyRun would increase your emotional and motivational appeal thus making you more determined to complete your work.

    Download RockMyRun Music Streaming App For Android

  8. VMate – Best Video Mate: Best Music Streaming Apps For Android

    VMate- Best Music Streaming Apps For AndroidWhen you look for the trending and hottest videos and music available online then VMate turns out to be a great option for you.

    You can share your offline content very easily. It allows you to chat with your favourite stars while you are watching their video.

    Smart Search and Smart Recommendation features works out very well and predicts the music or video you are going to like.

    Download VMate Music Streaming App For Android

  9. iTube – Best Music Streaming Services for Android

    iTube - Free Music Streaming App for AndroidiTube Music is a cloud-based service which provides you access to lightning fast music content.

    You can stream millions of music and songs without any advertisements. It has inbuilt SoundCloud Optimisation API which enables it to prioritize content according to your taste.

    iTube Music allows you to tune into the thousands of radio station. You can download or record the music you like and make your own radio station playlist.

    All you need is to remember your login details because using it you can access your content anywhere or on any device.

    Whatever service you use on iTube Music is completely free of cost.

    Download Best Music Streaming Apps For Android

  10. Free Mp3 Downloads – Best MP3 Streaming Apps For Android

    Free MP3 Downloads - MP3 Streaming AppFree Mp3 Downloads have been developed by Programitas in the quest of providing best quality music for online and offline streaming.

    The Application supports the user interface in various languages like English, German, Russian, Indonesian etc.

    As soon as you click on download button, songs are directly stored on your SD card in freeMp3Downloads folder.

    Later on, you can get access to the offline content from your embedded music player on the Android device.

    You just have to take care of one part that all the music downloaded from this application is meant to be used for personal and non-commercial use.

    Download Free MP3 Downloads Music Streaming App For Android


Best Music Streaming Services For Android: It is rightly said that Without music, life would be a mistake. Music has always been an integral part of human society from the pre-historic era. These apps would not only let you enjoy your favorite music online but you can also download the desirable stuff on your device for later use. So, this was all about best mp3 streaming apps for Android or you can say best music player apps for Android.



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