Why one need fake location app or GPS location faker app in their Android smartphone? Have you heard about tracking GPS location? Many of the apps like Google Maps, Uber, Ola, and other service providers app use to track us and then they provide a data about their services near us. These apps are although very important for our sustainability. But somewhere there are some threats of leaking personal or professional privacy.

But still, we will try to share best Fake Location App with you. [Read about Best Clock Widgets for Android Devices here.]

Best Fake Location - GPS Location Faker Apps

Some of you haven’t put any kind of pressure on your mind while playing Pokémon Go. There are several games on the market that use our GPS location. Have you ever wonder about your location privacy, you haven’t, right?

What if your GPS location would share with some unethical hackers. You might be knowing that your important someone’s location is? Since we have asked several questions from you, my dear visitors thus we are expecting some answers from your side. Although having an alternate location by the help of some counterfeit spot apps on Android. For our lovely readers, we have created a list of Fake location apps for any smartphone. Now let’s begin with our list of 10 best false position or spot App for your Android Device.

Top 10 best Fake Location Apps for Android

Below are some best GPS Location Faker apps, you will find useful:

#1. Mock Locations (fake GPS path)

The very first and most trusted apps that you will get on both, current list and play store. Among 5 million users, half of them had given good ratings to this app. Mock Locations is a stunning app if you want an alternative GPS location. You will get dozens of customizing options by which you can set your desired location.
Mock Locations fake GPS path
In terms of ratings, Users have awarded this app with 4.1 stars. Users interface of Mock location is pretty decent and you will never feel issues while experiencing this app. You must give it a try.

Download Mock Locations

#2. Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Free

If you want an automatic Fake current position Locator, then Fake Location Spoofer is the best app on which you can relay. On play store, this application has around 70000 positive reviews with lots and lots of appreciation. As we have mentioned above that this app is fully automatic in locating anyone.
Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Free
Although it doesn’t give us complete access and it might disappoint you but for some users selecting their desired location is a big headache and it will defiantly work for that category of user. In terms of ratings, this app is above all with 4.4 stars. For more details about Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer Free by IncorporateApps, you can visit this page on AndroidCrew.

Download Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Free

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#3. Fake GPS – Fake Location

It’s looking like a simple application, according to its name we are assuming. The interface of Fake GPS app is very clean. This fake location app provides you options to bookmarks any location so that you need not edit the location every time.
Fake gps - fake location
Whereas no other features are there in this app. Now talking about the number of downloads for this stunning app have crossed the mark of 1 million downloads and among those 1 million around 50 thousand users have managed to give reviews about this app on play store. Fake GPS app is having a 4.2-star rating.

Download Fake GPS – Fake Location

#4. Fake GPS Location

Another brilliant app from well-known developers. Fake GPS location is another app with a clean interface. This stunning app comes with some unique features including bookmarking locations, start the application on boot. Fake GPS Location app provides you the option of random movement.
Fake GPS location
Random movement means that your location will be changing after a regular period of time. Among the above-mentioned apps “Fake GPS” app is grabbing popularity very rapidly. In terms of rating, users have awarded this application with the 4.1-star rating and it has over 1 million downloads.

Download Fake GPS Location Android App

#5. Fake GPS

A very similar name, we have just talked about the Fake GPS Location app and look here is another app named as “Fake GPS”. You might have got an idea about the importance of your original location.
Fake GPS App
You will get all the features of Fake GPS Location” app but you will not get the feature of start the app on boot. If we talk about appreciation, almost every second users of this app had given a positive review. These reviews are responsible for the 4-star rating.

Download Fake GPS App For Android

#6. Fake GPS Location- Hola

Another one with the same name. Let me tell you the reason behind similar names, working on these apps are almost very similar to each other however they are having a tiny difference.
Fake GPS location - Hola
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This stunning app will provide you the single feature of bookmarking a location. Although it will locate you automatically and you can’t update that. In terms of user ratings, Fake GPS Location has 4.1-star. So, if you need a basic fake location app you can go with this.

Download Fake GPS Location Hola

#7. Mock GPS Pro

It is a very smart app with a decent interface and basic features. You will be having some option regarding fake locations, from those fake GPS locations you have to choose one location and have to make it your default location.
Mock GPS Pro - Best Fake Location App
With the help of this application, you can set the fake location as your favorite and whenever you will be launching Mock GPS pro then it will make the location that you have selected as favorites. If you people like this application you can give it a chance to serve you.

Download Mock GPS Pro

#8. Location Spoofer

A rapidly growing app with a light interface. Location Spoofer is a tiny application, you will be able to set a fake wireless location.
Location Spoofer app
But one thing we would like to mention here that your device needs to root and if it is not rooted then you first have to root your smartphone and then you can think about Location Spoofer. Whereas if discuss star rating of this app then it is having a rating of 3.9 stars.

Download Location Spoofer App

#9. Mockation

A helpful tool that will allow you to bluff with the game authority. UI of this tiny application is very friendly however this app will need only a few MBs to get it on your app drawer. Among all the apps mentioned above features offered by this is a combination of all.

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Mockation app
You have the privilege to bookmark your fake location apps, whereas you can customize the respective locations. Instead of the fact that this application is new in the market and then to the appreciation that it from users is remarkable and it got an overall rating of 4 stars.

Download Mockation Now

#10. FGPS – GPS Location Faker

The last application in our list of 10 best fake location app for Android. This cool app has a unique interface and is very tiny in size.
Fake Location App

You can make others fool by switching to several fake locations all over the planet Earth. In terms of rating, FGPS Is the least scorer with 3.5 stars.

Download FGPS Application

Fake Location App: GPS Location Spoofer Conclusion

So, readers, this was the list that contains best fake location app for Android. Before ending this article let me tell you that we have selected the apps after a deep research. After visiting several websites we have created this list of GPS Location Faker App. Along with this if you need to install these applications, it is recommended to get them via Play Store.


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