Punctuality is the king of politeness.  Once Charles Dickens said, “he could never have done what he  has done without the habits of punctuality, order and diligence, without the determination to concentrate on one subject at a time” People love to mark their time, so they have invented many gadgets. Even we like to wear wrist watches, but it has turned to be more of a fashion statement nowadays. But what you use more is your mobile phone and tablets. So we have prepared a list of the best clock widgets for android phone and tablets in 2017.

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Best Clock Widgets for Android Phone and Tablets

Best Clock Widgets for Android Phone and Tablets

These are the best clock widgets for Android Phone and Tablets in 2017 –

Widget #1. Chronus: Home & Lock Widgets for Android

Chronus is a multi utility application which not only contains digital and analog clock widgets but also contains news, task and weather widgets as well.  It is a widespread application for android devices downloaded over a million times. Genuinely it has got more than 4.4 stars overall ratings. You can customize the whole interface of the widgets. Yahoo is the primary source of the weather panel in the widget. You can set custom notifications for weather, news and other updates as well. It also contains inbuilt Gmail, missed calls and text information. You can easily match it up with Android Wear.

Chronus Home-Lock Widgets Latest

If you download the pro version of the application, then you get some additional features with it. You get news updates from other sources like Reddit and Feedly. Even you can get the stock market widget on your home screen along with the standard clock. It also contains a daydreamer screen saver. With unlimited dash-clock extensions, you can do a hell lot of different things with the clock customization that you can’t even think of. Apart from these, you have also access to the Microsoft Exchange, Evernote, and Todoist for other tasks.

Download Chronus Widget

Widget #2. Fancy Widgets: Clock Widget for Android phone

Fancy Widgets is the best clock widgets for Android Phone and Tablets in 2017. It is a great personalization tool with not only the clock widget but also the weather, home and forecast widgets. You can easily customize the day and date of the clock. The weather widget shows the current weather of the location and the next four to five days weather forecast. It has got more than a 4-star rating on the Google Playstore with more than half a million reviews. Profoundly you can search your location by just entering the Pincode of your area. If you often get confused between Celcius and Fahrenheit than you can choose the scale you want to display in the temperature panel.

Fancy Clock Widgets For Android

There is multiple location support for both clock and weather widgets. If you purchase the full version of the application, then you get tons of features like current temperature notification and extreme weather alerts. There are over four hundred skins and themes available for the clock widget on your home screen. Even if you mess up with settings, you can easily resolve by backing up the default or custom pre saved settings of your choice.

Download Fancy Widgets

Widget #3. DashClock – Best Clock Widget for Android

DashClock Widget is a neat and straightforward application widget for your Android device. You can run this application on your Android phone or tablets with Android 4.2 or further. It also comes with a lock screen feature for the Android 4.2-4.4 operating system. Along with the current time, you can add several extensions to the widget like current local weather, missed calls and unread text messages, alarm, notes or even the emails according to your priority.

DashClock - Clock Widget

More than five million users have downloaded it from the Google Playstore. It is the best clock widgets for Android Phone and Tablets in 2017 because the bugs and errors are continuously updated. Even the sources of news and weather are very trustworthy. You can add the custom planner or calendar of your work in the widget. It won’t let you forget your important appointments. The user interface is so simple and easy to use that you will face almost no issue while adding it to your device screen or even when you are looking to customize it further.

Download DashClock Widget

Widget #4. mClock – Clock Widgets for Android Tablet and Phones

mClock is an exclusive clock widget developed by the Marooned Software. It is not merely a clock widget rather its a digital, text or word clock widget with numerous alternatives.  The current version 2.2.6 has over 500,000 installations on various Android devices around the globe. You can always send a suggestion if you find any errors or bugs in the application. The developers always welcome the suggestions from the users.

mClock Widget

You would love to customize the widgets with over more than a thousand XML templates. There are various layouts available for the clock widgets. If you want to add any custom text to your homescreen, you can quickly set it up with different font sizes and color.

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Download mClock Widget

Widget #5. DIGI Clock Widget for Android Smartphones

Are you bored with the standard Clock widgets on the screen of your phone or tablets? Well, ForestTree has got a solution for you with their amazingly awesome clock widgets. You can set up the widget in the size you prefer like from small to maximum that can even fit the screen of your tablet. If you are worried about how the widget would look after set up, then there is a preview option to help you to figure out the same before finally, you set it up.

DIGIClock - Clock Widget For Android Mobile

You can add the alarm application in the widget as well. It also lets you set the custom font with your preferred color on the screen for date and time. Even if you want to customize the background of the widget you can do so with a custom picture of your choice. Show or Hide AM/PM, it’s totally upto you that how would you like to use the clock whether in 12-hour or 24-hour format. The application runs well on the Android devices powered with Honeycomb, ICS, Jelly Bean and Lollipop Android versions.

Download DIGI Clock Widget

Final Verdict for best clock widgets for android

The above-listed applications are the best clock widgets for android tablets and phones. You can customize these applications according to your need. It’s quite amazing that these widgets are not just limited to clocks, but you can do a lot more stuff with them using numerous extensions.

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Even if you are using a device with a humongous screen size like tablets these applications can be set up relative to the display size of your device. We also need to be always updated, and these applications are the best shot in the Google Playstore.


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