In this post, we have collected 20 best board game apps for Android as well as iOS devices. We have also made list of best Showbox alternatives for you.

If you happen to be a novice, still coming to grips with the digital world, then you definitely need to read this article. Long before online gaming and that includes board games on your Android and iOS, tabletop gaming boards have always been popular, so much so, that some of the games became quite popular worldwide.

But now, thanks to high-speed internet, and higher bandwidth, you can access most of the board games right on your phone, with zero loss of any functionality and with great graphics to go with it.

What are Mobile Board Games

It’s a case of chicken and egg, the argument still continues whether it was the revival of classic board games that led to their transformation to mobile board games. But whichever way the argument pans out, you can count on one thing that mobile board games are not just here to stay but they are evolving fast, from concept to the final design of the game itself.

Best Board Game Apps

It should be pointed out that while the classic board games are indeed having a revival of sorts, the digital versions are fast outstripping their analog version. After all, the regular board games are two dimensional, and they often come with the same design patterns as before, with noting changing in between, as seen with Monopoly.

But when it comes to Mobile Board games, the games itself are innovative and more engaging. Moreover, the interface is quite easy, so much so that it actually attracts droves of players for the same. While some of the games are brand new, as is the case with ‘Steam’ or for that matter, ‘Brass’, some of the other games are classic board games that have been transformed into the digital version.

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Here are a few Mobile board games that you may want to check out. Please note that some of the games are free while others are not, so do check out the descriptions listed against each for more information.

20 Best Board Game Apps for Androids and iOS

Below are top board game apps from Android PlayStore and Apple iTunes AppStore. If you’re finding any iOS game or app on Apple AppStore but could not find on Google PlayStore, still you can use it on Android devices using this best iOS emulator for Android.

  1. Ticket to ride – Best Board Game App

    Ticket to Ride - Board Game App for Android and iOSThis is a classic board game that has been adapted for mobile phones; the concept is simple and it comes with interesting graphics that help make it all the more interesting.Players are industrial magnates, building railroads across the nation, to particular donations and the person to complete his route ahead of schedule gets the most points and wins the game. It is available at both Apple store ($2.26) and Google store ($1.8).

  2. Friday – One of the Best Board Game Apps

    Friday - by Friedemann FrieseThis is a solo board game that has been created for the digital devices; an analog version exists but this game is leagues different from the old board game. Essentially, you are deserted on an Island and have to work your way through two halves of a deck of cards. One provides you with requisite skills while the other lists out the hazards that you may have to face. It is currently available on both Apple store ($4) as well as Google play ($4.12)

  3. Splendor – Best Board Game Apps

    Splendor - The Board GameWhat makes this digital board game different is that it stays true to its title, and the game consists of mainly purchasing more jewels with more jewels. It may sound trite, but it is interesting nevertheless and with the game set in the midst of the Italian Renaissance, it certainly is interesting. The game is available at both Apple store and Google play store, for $1.99

  4. Psych – Board Game Apps

    Psych Outwit Your FriendsThis game is free to download and is easily available at both Google Play and Apple Store; the game itself contrives to scam your friends with made up answers to certain questions and certainly stands out as a party game. It comes with various mini games which makes this app, all the more interesting.

  5. Heads up

    Heads Up Board Game AppIt is all in the name itself; basically, you just hold your phone to your head and ask your friends to guess the word that the game displays on your phone. That’s it and as simple as it sounds, it is a lot of fun to play with your friends. The game is free to download and install on your phone.

  6. Lords of water deep – Best Board Game App For Android

    D&D Lords of Waterdeep Board GameEven though the game resembles a session of dungeons and dragons, it is a digital board game and it certainly does not involve any role-playing. You would basically be tasked with worker placement, collecting cubes to get points and you can also go on a quest. It is available on Apple store ($3.55) and Google Play ($3.55)

  7. Tigris and Euphrates – Best Board Game App For iOS

    Reiner Knizia Tigris and EuphratesThis game certainly stands out as it pits strategy versus skill and enables you to enjoy the game which incidentally is a two to four player game.
    You would be required to control the building of tiles across the board and are awarded points in different colors and the one with the lowest point wins. This game too is available at both Apple store ($5) and Google play ($2).

  8. Lost cities – Best Board Game Apps

    Lost Cities - Borad Game App For Android and iOSThis is another digital board game from the mathematical mind of Knizia; it is a two-player game and consists of you placing cards from earlier 5 expeditions in the correct order. The various rules such as not picking up a card once played or in the same color with a lower number certainly make this game interesting. It is widely available for $3.99 at Apple store and for $1.85 at Google play store.

  9. San Juan – Best Board Game Apps

    San JuanThis is another classic board game that has been tweaked and fine-tuned for the digital medium. The concept is simple; you can draw cards to build buildings and discard them as payment as well, for the same. It is certainly interesting especially with the randomness of each card draw. The game is available at Apple store ($4.12) and Google play ($5.18)

  10. Brass

    Brass - Board Game App For AndroidIf you love trains, then you are going to love this game all the more. The game was created by Martin Wallace, and it was certainly designed to be both interesting and innovative. The premise is that the game is set in Victorian England and you are required to build factories and produce enough products, and in the process, borrow funds to keep the game going. It is widely available at both Apple store ($6) and Google play ($7)

  11. Bounden – Best Board Game App

    Bounden Borad Game App For iOSThis game is certainly as innovative as it gets and, in the process, it teaches you one valuable skill – how to dance. Both you and your partner are to hold on to the Smartphone, as it cues in the music and the various dance moves. It is certainly a party game and one that’s available at both Apple store ($3.54) and Google play ($2.29)

  12. Space team – Board Game App for Android

    SpaceteamLet’s start off by saying that this game is free to download and tons of fun to play with. Essentially, you would be tasked with helping to save an exploding ship and your partners may get directions or instructions, while you get the opposite. You have to communicate these instructions to each other as the ship almost breaks apart in the process. It is available on both Apple Store and Google Play.

  13. Reverse Charades – Board Game App for Android & iOS

    Reverse CharadesThe title says it all; the game is all about trying to guess the maximum number of words correctly in the given time frame. It is an innovative take on ‘charades’ and is as interesting as it can get. You may find the game even mentally stimulating and what’s more, it is free to download and also happens to be available at both Apple store and Google Play.

  14. Coup – Top Board Game App

    Coup Board GameHow good are you at buffing? If you are that good, then you may want to check out this game; essentially, each person holds two cards, where each specifies your key roles and the premise is to bluff the other person until you are left standing with one hidden card. This game also assigns you with five key roles, which also includes assassination. The game is widely available at both Android store and Google play and also happens to be free.

  15. Puerto Rico – Board Game App for iOS

    Puerto Rico HD Board Game for iOSThis game allows for little chance or randomness as essentially you are building a colony from scratch and that involves everything from planting crops to laying the roads. You set up your own space, generate goods, trade it and come out on top. This game is currently available only at the Apple store ($5.12)

    Download For Android – PlayStore
  16. Steam Board Game

    Steam MobileThe clue is in the title itself; it’s back to New England and you are building train lines connecting various destinations together. Naturally, you are tasked with building the train lines and transporting various goods. And, as each train uses your track, you get to make some serious money in the process. It is available on both Apple store ($5) and Google play ($5)

  17. Tokaido Board Game App

    Tokaido - Board Game AppThis game is certainly interesting in the sense that it comes with an interesting interface, with rich graphics. You would be required to travel by the Edo road and as you do, you can carry out various tasks for which you should win points. It is available on Apple store ($1.99) and on Google Play ($2.56) alike.

  18. Hearthstone – Best Board Game Apps

    HearthstoneThis is an interesting game as it allows you to play with others one on one. It does come with a bit of a learning curve but once you get used to the various rules that govern this game, you should be able to have loads of fun. It is available on both the Apple store and Google Play.

  19. Patchwork

    Patchwork The GamePatchwork is all about playing the right cards and in the process, securing fabric. Soon you should be able to purchase bigger fabrics and compete with others in this two-player game.
    It is also widely available at both Apple store ($3.5) and Google play ($3.5)

  20. Eight Minute Empire

    Eight Minute EmpireThis game is all about map control and as you play the cards you gain more control over certain routes on the map. You are primarily connected with transporting goods across various locale and even countries. The game is widely available at both Apple store ($1.99) as well as Google Play ($2.42)

Benefits of Digital Adaption of Board Games

As more and more tabletop games including card games are getting increasingly adopted into the digital version, perhaps it is time that we took a closer look at the process and see if it is an improvement or not.

Well, given the fact that most of the current tabletop games including card games come with the same interface and the same design, with nearly a change in the middle – it can be easy to see why the digital version comes out on top.

In fact, according to App Annie, the board game category in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store grew in the last year by 39% and 17% respectively with the total number of mobile downloads, amounting to half a billion USD in revenue in 2016 alone.

That’s staggering, but what could make digital board games more interesting than the tabletop version? For one, most digital games come with the same set of rules as the board games they are based on, and they also come with innovative design features, with better graphics that makes the game all the more interesting online.

Conclusion – Best Board Games For Android and iOS

These are some of the most interesting board games that you can install on your Android or iOS; these games are quite interesting and each has their own specialty. All that’s required is for you to download these games at either the Apple Store or Google Play Store and set them up.

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What’s more, you can easily configure these games and even customize the same and play with your friends. One thing is for sure, all of these games stand out for the right reasons and as for the overall cost, they are either free or are available for downloads at very reasonable and attractive rates.So, go gaming and Enjoy these board game apps.

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