Best App Killers for Android For Free to Get Back RAM and Battery Life

Best App Killers for Android For Free-Nowadays smartphones have become a basic need for the people around the globe. Profoundly, Android is the best available platform due to its extensive collection of applications available online free of cost. But as soon as your device gets overloaded with different kinds of applications, it starts to hang gradually.

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Some applications are alive even in background processes, and they kill the battery life of your device. So sometimes you need a method to restrict their activity to prevent your space and battery as well. Here we are presenting best app killers for Android for free to get RAM and Battery Life.
Best App Killers for Android For Free

Download Best App Killers for Android For Free

#1. ShutApp – Real Battery Saver

Download ShutApp Android App Killer For Free

ShutApp Android App

ShutApp is a battery saver and app killer Android based application developed by YirgaLab. It has been very successful in recent years and had over 5 million organics downloads. You can surely trust this application because it has been reviewed by more than two million active users. Profoundly, the application has a 4.4-star average rating on Google PlayStore.

Once you configure the application, it automatically shuts down the additional background activities and applications on your device. You can find original that the restricted application would not restart itself. All you need is to single tap the screen, and you are ready to go. Block Data Flow feature allows you to restrict internet usage when you are not using your phone saving your money as well. In the Whitelist you can add such applications which you do not want to hibernate while the device is not in use.

#2. Clean Master – Space Cleaner, Antivirus and Free RAM

Clean Master - Space Cleaner, Antivirus & Free RAM

Clean Master

Clean Master is a tool which provides best optimisation technique. It is one of the best App Killers for Android For Free to Get Back RAM and Battery Life. Along with space cleaning, battery saver and even an antivirus for Android phones. If your phone starts to hang, you can just single tap on the Clean Master icon and the RAM and Cache memory of the device will be cleaned. It can clean all types of junk files like duplicate files or obsolete apk on your device to prevent it from loitering. You can also clean some of the critical applications like Facebook and Whatsapp very precisely. It would not delete wrong files.

The Antivirus program in the Clean Master can help you to detect and block any infected file or application. If you regularly upgrade your antivirus program, then you have to never worry about your device’s security. The Clean Master Antivirus is on the top of the Antivirus application as stated by AV test. The application will analyse the battery of your device and kill unnecessary background apps to enhance the battery life.

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#3. Zapper Task Killer & Manager

Zapper Task Killer & Manager


You can use Zapper Task Killer & Manager to quickly terminate all the applications slowing down your device by zapping your device. You can place Zapper Task Killer & Manager in the top of the best app killers for Android for free to get RAM and Battery Life list. More than 1 million users have downloaded it. It is the best app killer because it won’t lag while killing other application.

It sorts the application by CPU usage. The Apps which are using more processing power are listed on top. If you suspect any app that slows down your phone and even consumes much battery, you can instantly ZAP to kill it. If you don’t want to restart your device, then you can select all the app and kill them at once. In this way, you can start again from scratch. It is an original application. You can filter some of the critical applications which you don’t want to kill. You can save all the filtered application next time whenever you press the Zap button.

#4. Super Task Killer – Fast Booster

Super Task Killer - Fast Booster

Super Task Killer

NQ Mobile Security has developed one of the best app killers for Android for free to get RAM and Battery Life. Super Task Killer has over 5 million downloads on the Google PlayStore. Users have rated it 4.4 Stars on average. It has Intelligent Power Saving mode in which you can detect battery status and its usage in real time. You can choose different Power Saving mode to extend your standby time.

You can also use One-Tap Boost to release memory and boost your phone. The regular cleaning feature automatically cleans the additional apps and keeps your phone at the maximum speed. All of the apps which you use frequently, you can add them to the Whitelist. A beautiful homescreen pet Rocket Man is on your screen all the time which you can use to release the memory instantly. You can even uninstall the applications which you rarely use this app very quickly.

#5. DU Battery Saver – Battery Charger & Battery Life

DU Batter Saver - Battery Charger & Battery Life

DU Battery Saver

It is quite amazing that DU Batter Saver – Battery Charger & Battery Life amazing that more than 10 million people from all over the world have downloaded the DU Battery Saver – Battery Charger & Battery Life application from Google PlayStore. DU Apps Studio has developed this application which has more than 400 million active users. You can use One Click Optimisation and Battery Saver which instantly fixes the power consumption issues and then tune you energy settings to prime level. You can switch to different battery modes according to your need or only switch to the Smart Battery mode.

If your device gets heats up often, then you can also use the Phone Cooler which would disable CPU intensive applications and save the hardware. Battery Saver and Battery Monitor detects the battery draining apps in your device and allows you to shut them down so that your device would not lag anytime.

Final Verdict: Best App Killers for Android For Free

When you overload your Android device with excessive RAM consuming and Battery draining applications, then it can affect both the performance and endurance of the device. If you don’t have compatible processors and RAM, then you must avoid downloading high-end games which demand high-quality graphics.

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There may be a possibility that the processor of your device burns up. You can get in various troubles if you don’t use any application like best free application killers for android which optimises your device by boosting battery life and cleaning CACHE and RAM.

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