Bandicam Review
Bandicam Review

Name: Bandicam

Description: Bandicam is one of the best screen recording solutions for Windows.

Price: Free and Paid start from $39

Currency: $

Operating System: Windows

Application Category: Screen Recording

  • Ease of Use
  • Support
  • Record Quality
  • Pricing

Summary For Bandicam Review

Bandicam is a software for Windows computers. Using this application, you can record everything on your Windows screen like PC screen, game recording or webcam recording.

Recording screen is not a newer concept; it is in execution from a long time. A vast range of software is available there for the same each having their perks. Some of them are feature rich but with a little bit complex user interface as well, and that is the only thing why a lot of users don’t want to work on such softwares.

Bandicam is one of the most beautiful screen recorder specially designed to work on Windows PC. Along with a lot of attractive features involved; this fantastic software application also offers ease of work that everyone can easily handle it. Let’s review this recording software for Windows computers today.

Bandicam Review

Bandicam Review

It is one of the most recommended screen recording software that works well at customer support side as well. Along with the most exceptional image quality; and video content as well; this amazing software application also has earned a lot of positive reviews as well. You have to choose the Screen Recording mode of Bandicam, and you will be there on the verge of best screen recording.

Doesn’t matter, whether you are a regular or a first time user for this software, you will be just provided with one of the most intuitive and straightforward interfaces that you can fully customize as per your requirements to enjoy the best benefits from it. And in case you stuck anywhere, there is already in-depth tutorials created by Bandicam for you already.

Features of Bandicam Screen Recording Sowtware

Are you excited to work on one of the most straightforward and intuitive interfaces regarding screen recording, i.e., Bandicam? If YES; it would be more beneficial for you to go through its unusual features first; so that you can enjoy the extreme results.

Working with fully customizable screen recording, it seems to be more exciting as it offers you the freedom of experience working with different modes, i.e., Screen recording mode, Game recording mode, and Device recording mode as well. Some of the fantastic features of this rich source are:

  • Screen Recording

    It is one of the, of course, public function of Bandicam for what it is exactly known for. It is one of the most excellent sources; that has made it entirely natural to record various videos and especially the tutorials one to follow them later on as well. You can now effortlessly record your screen without having an issue and enjoy it then. You only have to select the area that you are willing to file that’s it. Moreover, it is entirely your choice whether you are eager to record the audio of the same video or not.
    Bandicam Screen Recording

  • Game Recording

    Bandicam is one of the best screen recorders available in the market that have taken you far away from the headache of following on various parameters to acquire the same. You can effortlessly record your gameplay on your PC without paying any impact on its frame rate as well.
    Bandicam Game Recording

  • Device recording

    In case if you are willing to record your externally connected devices; Bandicam is just the right option to choose one. You can easily connect your PC with your webcam and can record everything going on there with the help of Bandicam.
    Device Recording

  • Recording of the selected area

    You don’t need to go for recording the entire screen all the time; you can choose the specific area of your screen to start recording the right way with the help of Bandicam.

  • Sketches

    You can use Bandicam for making drawings and outlining on your preferred videos for further usage. Moreover, this fantastic screen recorder also offers you the freedom of taking screenshots of your screen as well.

  • Audio editing

    If you don’t want to record audio of any particular phase of recording or are willing to mix up your sound with the sound of the recorded screen; Bandicam is the ultimate source that will help you in all this.
    Audio Editing Option

  • Logo addition

    Bandicam is the ultimate source that offers you the freedom of adding logos to your recorded videos with great ease.

  • Effects

    You can also use Bandicam for adding mouse clicks and animations to the videos you are recording out there.
    Diiferent Mouse Clicks and Animations

Bandicam Review: Is it A Savior or not?

Is this the same question buzzing around your head? If YES, don’t get over excited; keep calm and go through the different pros and cons of the same given below.

All these not only will help you in knowing more about it; but also will serve as a decision maker for you.

Advantages of Bandicam:

  • This excellent software application comes up with a straightforward and easy to use interface that makes it every one to use and manage it efficiently.
  • The user interface of this software includes is absolutely clean without having any clutches in between there.
  • It is a fully featured loaded application that serves the opportunity to perform multiple tasking using it.
  • The encoding included in Bandicam is very powerful without having any possibility of errors of mistakes in between.

Disadvantages of Bandicam:

Everything that has some pros, has some cons as well. So before going further with the review; meet with some of the problems of the software application as well.

  • If the software is not registered, videos recorded with it will show watermark of the product i.e.
  • It is a paid screen recorder for your Windows PC; where you have to spend some charges for accessing it. The free trial is there, but it lasts only with the recording of 10 minutes just.

Is Bandicam Free or Premium Software?

Alright. I know about the product now. Let me know can I use Bandicam for free or I have to buy a license to use it?

Yes, there is a paid version available for this. But wait, you really need it? Those who are aware of above cons of software and have no issue with them, they can download and use this free product without any restrictions in means of days like 10 days free trial or 30 days free trial. But if you want paid version, below is their pricing:

1 Computer License$39
2 Computer License$59
5 Computer License$137
10 Computer License$254
20 Computer License$468

Bandicam Review : The Conclusion

So, this is all about Bandicam. If you are thinking about whether to take it or not; we will say YES. It is one of the most recommended source that offer you the freedom of recording the screen of your recording videos with great ease.

This excellent software application goes well with everyone’s need whether you are regular or beginner to Bandicam. Along with a lot of features included; Bandicam also offers you a straightforward and intuitive interface to work on.

It is the ultimate source that you can use for recording your preferred videos with high customizable frame rates and amazing picture resolution.


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