Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin (aawp) Review
Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin

Product Name: Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin

Product Description: Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin (AAWP) is the best WordPress plugin for Amazon associates.

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Summary For Review of AAWP

AAWP (Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin) is made especially for affiliate marketers for making a complete affiliate and review site promoting Amazon products and for making huge money as an Amazon associates. Every Amazon associates who are actively earning via affiliate site must check and get this awesome plugin.

Today we’ve created AAWP review for Amazon associates who needs a better option for their marketing and earning needs. We’re sure this Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin (aawp) review will help you to make your decision whether buy this plugin or not.

AAWP Review - Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin

What better option do you find other than affiliate marketing when it comes to earning for your online business or blog? It is such a great option you can truly benefit from by just recommending the products and services.

AAWP Review (Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin Review)

AMAZON, who doesn’t know this e-commerce giant!! It is not only one of the great internet retails but is also one of the first affiliate online retailers that give the site owners and online businesses the opportunity to earn commissions by referring products.

From earning to earning big through Amazon Affiliate, the affiliate has introduced many tools to convert more sales, one such tool is Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin also know as AAWP in a short.

Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin is a premium plugin that is really useful for the affiliates who scope for bigger conversions. This plugin helps the affiliates increase the conversions and earnings in the marketplace.

Be it advertising, product reviewing or just simple text links providing, the AAWP gives users the ability to customize the Amazon product presentation on the websites with a range of impressive features and flexibility.

Here, we bring you a detailed review of AAWP, you will have to learn before giving it a shot.

Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin (AAWP) Setup

Setting up the AAWP is really easy. With just a few steps, you are all ready to have your hands on this awesome plugin in no time.

Firstly, upload the plugin correctly and click on the settings and a new window appears with five different options namely: Licensing, Amazon API, General, Output, Functions, and Support.

Now you just have to go through the five steps briefly described below to get the plugin ready to use.

Tab 1 – Licensing Setting

Here you are required to enter the license key that you have received to connect it to your blog.

Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin License Activation

Tab 2 – Amazon API Setup

Click on Amazon API and from the official site, get the API credentials. But if you already got one, then just register it.

Connecting AAWP to Amazon Via API Key and API Secret

You will require AWS (Amazon Web Services) to make API for your Amazon Associates to set up the tracking codes for multiple stores abroad and manage the commissions from different countries without any hassle.

Tab 3 – General Settings

Here, a wide spectrum of settings is covered. You can change the short-codes used, set the tracking for links, include support for short-codes in text widgets in case of your theme not supporting it. Also, you have SSL support, AMP support, and last update format.

aawp General Setting Screenshot 1

You are enforced with an option of putting inline info and disclaimers to inform about the affiliate links within the content.

aawp General Setting Screenshot 2

Check the setting in the screenshot above for more details.

Tab 4 – Output Settings

In this step, you can set the Title length, Thumbnail (image size and quality), Description (number of list points, HTML formatting, responsiveness).

AAWP Output Setting (Title, Thumbnail, Description) Part 1

You can also set the Rating (Star rating, Link Target, Reviews), and pricing. All these options have high customizations.

AAWP Output Setting (Pricing and Ratings) Part 2

You can also do other sensible things via CSS like changing image size, button colors, and also hide or show elements.

AAWP Output Setting (Button, Custom CSS) Part 3

Tab 5 – Functions Settings

This section allows tweaking further parts of short-codes. So, this section can be defined as more specific to individual short-code types rather than generic outputs section.

It also has several options to toggle such as style, icon, template and more.

Setup for Links and Boxes Option

aawp Functions Setting Links and Boxes

Setup for Best Seller and New Release

aawp Functions Setting Best Seller and New Releases

Setup for Data Fields and Table Builder

aawp Functions Setting Data Fields and Table Builder

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Primary Features To Fall in Love With AAWP – aawp review

The core functions of Amazon affiliate WordPress Plugin play a substantial role in letting it stand out superior to other plugins. Let’s have a look at some of them:

Single (or) Multiple Product Boxes

Need a specific product to be displayed in a post or page along with a short-code? Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin lets you easily display single or multiple visually appealing product boxes in different styles. You can include many features in the product boxes such as description, prices, discount offer, current availability and call-to-action buttons.

Single Product Box – Horizontal

Amazon Product Boxes - Single Product Horizaontal Template
Multiple Product Box – Vertical

Amazon Product Boxes - Multiple Products, Grids Verticle Template

Text Links

Using the text links functions, the user can issue a specific product name inside the content or post and the product name can be overwritten automatically. No hi-tech technology or programming knowledge is required for doing so.

Text Link Example with Title and Amazon Logo

Example of Text Link With Product Title and Amazon Logo


Widgets are available to assist you when you need integrating of items into your sidebar. You can choose between the core functionality and make adjustments if needed. You can alternatively place the short-codes in text widgets for a better glance.

Single Product Widget

Widget For Single Product

Bestseller Widget
Widget - BestSeller Template

Data fields

The Data fields help you display individual product information such as title, description of the product, price or buy now button anywhere in the posts or pages using the PHP functions or templates. Using data fields, you can add single product info like price, image or title into your blog post.

Data Fields Example for Single Product


Bestseller (Lists)

List all the bestselling products in one place, allowing the customers to navigate easily. Through these lists, you can deliver a really strong reason for the customers to buy a particular product.

With these lists, tell them which products are gaining more views based on the keywords in the market. In addition to this, you have the ability to set the number of products individually, for example, Top 10, Top 5, Top 3 etc.

BestSeller Feature - List of 3 Items

New Releases (Lists)

How about attracting your customers to have a look at all the latest products within a specific group product? The new releases list lets you list all of the latest product and it works just like the bestseller lists. You need browse node ID. You can get browse nodes ID from here.

New Releases (Lists) By AAWP

Another Attractive Features You Can’t Ignore About AAWP

This absolutely amazing Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin comprises some main and very important features that you can’t ignore:

  • Automatic updates of discounts on product prices.
  • Automatic text links generation with product name besides providing a manual option to overwrite the product names.
  • Automatic generation of affiliate links with the Amazon tracking ID.
  • Advertise Amazon Products on the site and earn commissions.
  • Easy access to the customization of functionality and output of your affiliate listings sitewide or with short-codes individually.
  • Customization of design and style of the product display.
  • Caching for fast loading times.
  • Let’s you add amazon Product on your page through short-codes along with the ASIN/ISBN (Amazon product article number).
  • Using the widgets, display the products in your site’s sidebar.
  • Allows using data fields to show the product information you want to display, and also the building of product comparison table.
  • Using comparison tables, you can easily compare two or more products easily and effectively to your visitors and help them in their buying decision.
  • Display more than one product boxes for an Amazon product along with the price, discounts, description, call-to-action buttons etc.
  • Satisfies Amazon’s terms and conditions in displaying price guidelines by displaying the date/time of the most recent price update automatically.
  • Supports multiple Amazon Partner Networks, including Germany, France, UK, USA, Canada, Italy, Spain, Brazil, India, and Japan.

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Pros and Cons of Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin

Let’s go further about what you’ll like about AAWP and a few things you will have to bear with this plugin.

Advantages of AAWP

There’s a lot about Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin that you will like. But here are a few listed specific features and functionalities on the whole that you will go gaga over.

  • Automatic updates of affiliate links and prices of the products. So, you don’t have to take care about this anymore.
  • Flexible configurations – Functionality and output adjustments via plugin settings or by enhancing short-codes.
  • Design Customization – You got the various design and custom styles of templates to choose from that adapt the layout of your website.
  • Profitable Amazon Product promotion.
  • No hi-tech knowledge needed to use the plugin and its functionalities.
  • Google AMP support and SSL/HTTPS support.
  • Geo-targeting to manage foreign visitors.
  • Increase in CTR (Click through rate) and revenue.
  • High customer satisfaction and English tech support.
  • Earn additional commissions by referring Amazon prime customers.
  • Update release on regular basis.
  • 30 days money back guarantee in case of any dissatisfaction.

Disadvantages of AAWP

It’s obvious to have a few flaws as well because nothing is all perfect in the end. So, here are a few minor misfunctions that might be discomforting.

  • Inability to search the product within the plugin itself.
  • One needs to know the product ASIN code already to search the product.
  • No way to build the short-codes. This can certainly increase the time that one spends flicking between the browser tabs.
  • The plugin appears to be very well polished at the front-end but is merely done at the back-end, especially when it comes to creating of short-codes.

So, these are a few mirror inconveniences that you will face.

How to Create a Comparison Table Using AAWP?

The comparison table is the most useful feature provided by this plugin. I like it the most and using it aggressively. Is it hard to create such a beautiful table? No, it is a damn easy to make such eye-catching comparison tables. Below is a video which teaches you how to make such tables quickly.

Example of Comparison Tables:

One can quickly set up and create beautiful and feature-rich tables using this plugin. Comparison tables help site visitors in their product buying decision. Different content types can be used to make comparison tables. 3 to 5 products are recommended to compare. More products lead to confusion to your site visitors. It just took my  2 minutes for making below table.

Comparison Table Made Using AAWP

Above table was created using following settings:

How to Create Comparison Table

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Pricing of AAWP

The Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin is available in various plans. Each plan varies with the features and functionalities included in it and costs accordingly. Here is a glimpse of all the plans.

Personal plan – €39

This plan includes access to 1 site (single site usage), all core functions, 1 year of updates and support.

Plus plan – €99

This plan includes access to 3 sites (multisite usage), all core functions, 1 year of updates and support. This plan is tagged as the most popular one.

Pro plan – €199

This plan includes access to 25 sites (multisite usage), all core functions, 1 year of updates and support.

Ultimate plan – €299

This plan includes access to unlimited sites (multisite usage), all core functions, 1 year of updates and support. You can access any number of sites with this plan without any restrictions.

There is no free trial period to test this plugin, but they do have a 30-day money back guarantee that allows you to dig into all the features by trying them out on your site. So, you can start with a personal plan at the beginning for testing. Whatever AAWP deal and AAWP discount code is available, will be applied automatically to the link below.

Buy AAWP Button

All the plans come with a yearly based license and need to get renewed yearly. The license renewals are rewarded with a 50% discount on the current price of your license. In case of any dissatisfaction, you can cancel the subscription anytime and you don’t need to go that far; the access to complete support and updates is retained until the license expires.

So, just give it a try and see how it works for you!

AAWP Pricing, Offers and Features Included

Note: It is imperative to have access to the official Amazon Product Advertising API in order to make use of the Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin or any Amazon WordPress Plugin.

AAWP Review – The Bottom Line

Concluding it on a brief note, I can say that it has few flaws and idiosyncrasies, but the outstanding functions and features compensate adequately to these flaws. All the features and functions together make it easy to use the plugin that is also easy on the eye.

The price point is also attractive, 39 Euros is a fair amount to spend on something that really makes managing the Amazon Affiliate sites quick, easy and hassle-free. And, if you are on this page to check out whether to buy it or not, then I would definitely recommend AAWP for its robustness, productivity and set of features.

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